Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It must be said!

You may think I'm being a snob or that I think I'm high and mighty, but I really think thats your way of excusing the fact that you just treated me like crap and can't face your mistakes. I don't think I'm high and mighty I just think I'm worth being treated like a Daughter of A Heavenly Father who loves me and want the best for me, who wants me to be treated with respect and love, who thinks that my concerns are valid, who is tired of me letting others walk all over me so I should be tired too. So I'm sorry if you think ill of me for demanding respect but it's because of people like you that I have no self respect and that I let other walk all over me, because I've felt the NEED for your approval. Well guess what? I don't need it any more that only person who I NEED approval from is my Heavenly Father, because in the end your approval will not matter.

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