Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Transfers, Bikes & Miracles!

This week has flown by. It's been a great week and I LOVE my companion!!!! We laugh all the time, maybe it's because we are on bikes and we're tired all the time, but still there is a lot of laughter and a lot of hard work (e.g. during our end planning prayer we just burst into laughter, we were REALLY tired last night). Sister Parker is a great missionary and I've already learned so much from her. We work hard and have fun and it's the best!!!!
Things I love about bike:
  • It's easier to talk to people on the street (without looking like a stocker because you pull over in front of them and then got out to talk to them)
  • People honk at you (for better or worse they do, but it's fun to think it's for better)
  • Members pull over and talk to you (I think it's because I've been here for 7 months, but we talk to members even more now, there is just a lot more talking to people when you are on a bike)
  • The weather is beautiful!!!
  • It just feels good and improves my mood when I'm outside
  • I sleep amazing every night
  • Mandatory exercises!
Bikes are so fun, the only down is my hair looks aweful all the time (good thing no one cares huh?)
So Julia has canceled on us twice. We don't think she really wants to learn so we are giving her a week and then probably dropping her. Hopefully it was a seed planted and she will come to want to know more later.
Alex is not all there, we think, so we're holding off on that one too. But we have seen so many mini miracles this last week:
  • People being home when we swing by
  • People scheduling lesson (I've never had so many lessons scheduled in advance)
  • Members taking the incentive to fellowship our investigators with out us asking (that is the best!!!)
  • Members helping get our bikes all worked out
  • etc
The Lord is blessing us so much right now, it's true when they say the Lord blesses bike areas.
I got a call at the VC this week from mormon.org.  A lady wanted to know about the programs for children. She was going through a rough divorce and wanted her kids to have some support. She had done research on the Mormons in high school and was really interested in learning more. So to make a long story short I got her the info on what time her ward would be, I got the missionaries her info and called her the next day to find out she had gone to all 3 hours of church, met the missionaries, and was meeting with them again. I love seeing those who are prepared!!! Sometimes it's really hard and you want to ring peoples necks but the Lord has prepared so many and it is our job as members and missionaries to find them. The church is true and I thank Heavenly Father every day that I know that. So many people are lost in this crazy world but all can be found!
Love you all,
Miss you much, Love you more!!!
Love Sister Anderson
My bike "Mustang Sally"

Old picture of Sister Parker and I

Monday, January 16, 2012

No e-mail???

She actually did get her email this week.  I was just doing it on the Kindle and it was almost late.

Dear MOM and DAD,
I got your letter this week, but no email again today... I guess you must be busy.
The White's are driving home today and will probably be stopping by, they may have something for you if they have room. It's just a box of extra stuff I got here. I'm so excited for you to get to meet them. They were my parents on the mission and I love them so much!!! Elder White helped me through so much and I know that I needed them for the beginning of my mission! We meet the new Visitors' Center Director and his wife today. They are awesome and I already like them, it doesn't help that we are both Millard Eagles =D They knew who dad was, so that was cool. I was worried because I was so close to Elder White that it would be hard with Elder Beckstrand, but Elder White gave me a blessing and blessed me to have a special place in Elder Beckstrand's heart so I know that all will be good.
We had a really good week! I know that Heavenly Father was just blessing us left and right because I don't think we did anything different than we had done before (other than more service, which increased my testimony of service, not that it came from service but the Lord was blessing us for doing service). We got 3 news investigators this week! I've never got 3 new investigators in one week, and we have a whole bunch of potentials to contact still.
Make sure and tell Boston Happy Birthday tomorrow! Let me know as soon as you hear about the job! There is more I could write but I'm not in much of a writing mood. Just know that the week has had it's polar ends but I've come out on top and am in a really good place. I love you all, I don't know what I'd do without you in my life!!!!!!
Miss you much, Love you more!!
Love Sister Anderson

Monday, January 9, 2012


Dear MOM and DAD,
We did more service this week, we raked leaves, it was a lot of fun!  But with all the service my pants are wearing out, could you when ever you get another package to me send my light blue jeans with it. They are light blue flared legged Maurice's.
I'm glad you got to meet Elder and Sister Young, I love them so much!!!! You'll have to let me know when you go see them.

So just yesterday we had a couple potentials pop up out of no where and earlier this week we were contacting a referral who ended up not wanting to meet with us. But we ended up talking to his daughter, who has lots of member friend that "teach her a seminary lesson every day at lunch" and we set up a time for this week to come back. We are excited about that.
We were having a lesson with Kayla this week and we were reading in the scriptures and the spirit taught me something really cool. In 1 Nephi 9:6 it's talking about God providing a way for his works to be accomplished and as I was reading the spirit put in my mind "What are his works?" Well to bring to pass our eternal life and glory (Moses 1:39) So God will always provide a way for our eternal life and glory to be accomplished. Which in turn goes along with God never giving us anything we can't over come with Jesus Christ. How cool is that?
I guess that's it for this week, didn't get an email this week but I'm sure I'll hear from you next week!
Miss you much, Love you more!
Love Sister Anderson

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Service, Service, and Hiking!!!!

January 3, 2012
Dear MOM and DAD,
Well this week was full of service. I LOVE SERVICE!!!!!! Just so you know. Probably one of my favorite things to do on the mission because you get to know people, help them, and work hard!!!! Thank you MOM and DAD for teaching me hard work, I love it and then I am tired and sore which reminds me that I did something for someone else.
The first service we did was helping a less-active family prune some trees in their back yard. Now I know that pruning clipper are not meant for anything much bigger than an inch but when I came to some 2+ inch branches I couldn't back down. I conquered!! With minimal bruises... 5 or 6 at the most.
The next day we helped the Phelps (sister Phelps is active and brother Phelps is getting there) paint the apartment in their back yard for four hours. It was great I love painting and my quads hurt so bad the next day from all the squatting. We also found out the Sister Phelps has a very similar back story to Misty's (investigator). Tender mercy for doing service, we wouldn't have found that out any other way.
We read a few chapters in the Book of Mormon with Kayla and she came to sacrament meeting even though she was sick. So we're thinking she's on the right track to getting back where she was. We can just see the potential she has and how if she lets Heavenly Father assist and even take the reins He will get her further than she can herself. (I guess we are all that way though)
Yesterday we hiked Camelback! It's about 1.2 miles to the top and it is up all the way, climbing over boulders and rock, never really flat. It was a struggle the last quarter mile but I did it and I even helped encourage the sisters that were with me to finish. I didn't know I could motivate so well... lol It was so fun and now I'm sore from that, but it's great!!!!
We had another lesson with Misty yesterday and Sister Phelps came. It was a good lesson, we talked about the Doctrine of Christ and the importance of Reading, Praying, and Going to Church, she committed to come if she wasn't working. I'm excited to see her figure out that it is true, I think it will just hit her like a wave.
Well that's it for this week. I'll probably have more next because we are headed back to full field as of today!
Miss you much, Love you more!
3 Nephi 18:24 with Hymn # 335
Love Sister Anderson

Hiking Camelback
"Hold to the Rod" so you don't fall down the mountain
Part way (maybe 3/8 of a mile)

Hole in the rock

The top (1.2 miles up boulders and rocks)

Christmas Tree at the top

Sister Lamb and I (hiking buddies)