Friday, December 30, 2011

Ring out the old, ring in the new... hey that's repentance!!!! =D

Dear MOM and DAD,
I LOVE our family soooo much! It was the best getting to talk to everyone! And guess what I didn't cry when I got off, I went and helped Sister Vance finish getting ready for dinner. I was a little worried that I didn't cry but as I was thinking about it and I came to the conclusion that, I didn't cry or get homesick because in a way I'm always "homesick" meaning I love and will always want home but since being on my mission I've learned (for the most part) to put that aside and focus on the task at hand, and because of that practice I did good on Sunday.
On Christmas Eve we ate with the Senior Couple Missionaries in one of our wards, the Phippins, they were really sweet to feed us and that morning we had a Prep meeting where some of the Sisters preformed cultural dances.  We have a lot of diversity at the VC so it was fun to watch. 
The pictures are Elder and Sister White (the VC director) and me, Sister Holliday and me, Sister Parker (she came out with me), Sister Holliday, and me. And the luminaries were from Christmas Eve, the whole neighborhood puts them out and lights them, we drove around a couple minutes and saw them all before we came home. 

This year didn't really feel much like Christmas, for several reasons: no snow, no family, no traditions, and as missionaries we do missionary work all the time and we were at the VC so it was like another day... except on Christmas Day we got 80 Top Boxes (people who accept to have the missionaries to their home), 40 was a record high two days before.... and we got 80! I couldn't think of a better birthday present for Christ. =D
We had our second lesson with Misty this week. It was really good, she doesn't have a lot of religious background other than what people have told her about their religion, so it's fun to see when things click for her. We asked if she had prayed to know if the Book of Mormon and Church were true she said she had and felt like she had received half  an answer but because she had only really half prayed about it... which is really good she recognizes that if she wants a full answer she need to pray sincerely. She said she would this week. We have a lesson with her tomorrow, so we'll she how she did. 
Kayla had a rough week... her less-active boy-friend, who is in jail broke up with her and that just threw everything off, but in the long run it's good because now she has to decide why she's doing it, if it was for him or for her. I think she'll be okay but it will take some work on her part. She could use some extra prayers right now.
One cool thing the spirit taught me this week was that he talks to me a lot more than I thought. For the longest time I wasn't sure how the Holy Ghost communicated with me and just in the last few weeks I've realized that the little random, good thoughts I have are him telling me something and since I've started giving him credit I'm seeing more and more of the Holy Ghost in my life. I bet he's glad I figured that out... it just took me 24 years! Haha
Which makes me even more grateful I was raised in a home where that was just natural everyday stuff. I think part of the reason it took me so long was because I had always had it, not that I'm anything special but I was taught and raised in a loving, Christ centered home! Thank you mom and dad, you're the best parents I could have!
Oh and let the Mace's know I will be at the VC both nights from 6 to 10. And did you get my priority envelope with your Christmas present in it? That's it for now.   Thank everyone who sent me a Christmas card I was really grateful for them thinking of me!
Miss you Much, Love you More 
3 Nephi13:34
Love Sister Anderson

Monday, December 19, 2011

Twas' the Week Before Christmas... Really?

Dear MOM and DAD,
12:30 will be great, I'll be at the Vance home. Brother Vance said he was going to call you yesterday so that you could get all the kinks worked out, because I only have 40 mins to talk and I don't want to be trying to figure anything out and wasting time.
This week hasn't been too exciting, we've been at the Visitors' Center a lot (which I love) and I'm finally starting to feel tired and I LOVE that too!!!! Everyone says that Christmas Lights is hard and you get warn out and tired, but I haven't experienced it yet, till this week. I love it because I know that I'm working if I'm dead at the end of the day.
A couple days ago we were taking some sisters home, which caused me to think. At some point I will move out of the house I've been in and it will be hard because it's change... but then the Spirit gently reminded me... "Sister Anderson, I know that change is hard for you, so I called you to the Visitors' Center, so you would always have a constant!" How cool? Even if I go full field again (after this transfer) I will still get to come back to the VC, Heavenly Father knew that always having the VC would help with whatever changes happen outside of the VC. Tender mercy
The Wu's "dropped" us, it wasn't a don't ever come back, more of a we'll call you when we aren't so busy... very sad day, but people have their agency for a reason.
The miracle/answered prayer lesson is with Misty last week.  She is finally an investigator and we have a lesson this week with her. The area is a little slow so we are praying for miracles which means repentance and more obedience! 
SOOOOO excited to see you all this week!!! Can you belive Christmas is 6 days away? 
Miss you much, Love you More!!!
Love Sister Anderson 
Double decked bus with beer by the temple, kind of ironic

Me on my birthday (it rained all day)

Angel Tree Baby stuff   
 Grandma and Mom sent money for Sister Anderson's Birthday so she and Sister Stephens could do an Angel Tree Child.  This is one of Sister Anderson's  favorite traditions.
A Santa that reminded me of dad

Santa that reminded me of mom

12 days of Christmas from Family

Dec 12th

I just got the package, it's beautiful. I love you all more than words can express!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Sister Anderson

Transfer News (Dec 12th)

Dear MOM and DAD,
So I have another transfer half full field. Which isn't so bad, I still get 3 weeks at the VC which is better that 6 full field weeks. Lots of excitement at the Visitors' Center we have a sister from Pakistani and a sister from Mongolia coming this week, who have been in the MTC for 3+ months waiting for their visas. Sister Stephens and I are still companions, so I get another transfer of driving all the time.
More exciting news we get to Skype this year for Christmas, so you'll need to get a Video Skipe account. I was thinking 8 am would be best that way we could still both make it to church. Let me know what would work best for you.
The other day I was talking to another sister about asking Heavenly Father for things even if they are little things, because he loves us and wants to bless us as long as we are willing to make it His will. As we were talking I was thinking "Heavenly Father I really want to go to Olive Garden for my birthday, but we aren't suppose to ask if we can leave our area to go eat, so I know that if it's okay with you you'll provide a way so I can go." Two hours later I got a text saying that we were going to Olive Garden for the Departure/Birthday Dinner... answered prayer!  The next day I decided to try it again when my shower was cold so I ask for some warm water and guess what he gave it to me.  I also asked if we could have a lesson with a girl we had been trying to contact and when we got to her house to just drop by she said she was going to call us that day and then we showed up, so we had a lesson. It was pretty cool to see all these answers to prayer.
So I don't know if Kristy told you but Sally came down and I missed her because I was sick, but I am feeling much better now. And I did get the package with the cards. Thank you!!! I love you all so much!
Miss you much, love you more!!!!
Love Sister Anderson

Christmas Picture

On the 5th of December we did not get an email from Karmin.  On the 9th (a Friday) we got this picture.  She had emailed but we don't know where it went or why we just got the picture.  Anyway here it is.

Sister Anderson in front of the Mesa Arizona Temple with the Christmas Lights.

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone from Sister Anderson