Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back at the Visitors Center

Dear MOM and DAD,
Looks like Thanksgiving was good.  I did get the package and it was awesome thank you.  I'll have to take a picture of the pillow case on my bed, I put it on as soon as I got home. Kelsha didn't tell me about her arm, but you did and Ry did a bit.
I made mashed potatoes for the family we ate with and they LOVED them (not to brag but I kind of expected it... lol). I hope someone enjoyed the skin on the turkey for me.  The turkey we had wasn't as brown on top as I like so I didn't get any this year. Sister Phelps got to see my OCD cleaning side on Thanksgiving and when we came back for pie a few days later. She just laughed!
I am SOOOOOOO glad to be back at the Visitors' Center.   I'm grateful for all the miracles we got to see as full field missionaries but I belong at the Visitors' Center. It has been CRAZY, over 4000 people a night to see the Christmas Lights, and we get to be with a Spanish speaking sister so I've gotten to  know some new sisters. It's been the best!!!!!!  Elder White gave us a blessing before we started at the Visitors' Center and as VC sisters.  In the blessing  he included our families, saying that you would have special and unusual blessings and opportunities this holiday season, so keep your eyes open.   I want to hear about them. c:
So Kayla and Cody were arrested this week for previous charges... Cody is still in jail and Kayla is on probation... but she still wants to get baptized, even if it's next year and she hasn't smoked in 5 full days. We are so proud of her and she is so prepared, she will just need a lot of prayers this coming year. We now know she has a sincere desire because it may be over a year before she can be baptized, but she's determined.   She says she's also been happier and even though she's been dealing with alot she has been claim. (The gospel is the best!!!!!) It now gives me a reason to come back to Arizona.

The Wu's are doing good, we have a lesson scheduled at the Bishop's home (finally) this week.  We still are working on getting them to church but Jay has promised he'd get work off on the 11th (because my B-day is the day after) and come.  He's also being deployed in March so we're thinking he'll be baptized in February, fingers crossed!   They are still amazing and I can't wait till they realize how much the gospel will bless their lives.
Well that's it for now. Remember the Reason for the Season!
Miss you much, Love you more!
Alma 26:12 (My new favorite scripture)
Love Sister Anderson
Sister Stephens and Sister Anderson

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I love the Wu's!!!

Dear MOM and DAD,
VERY IMPORTANT!!! Some of the Post Offices in the Valley are not forwarding mail, so when they get it at the Mission Office and forward it on the Post Office is returning it to sender. As far as I know they haven't done that with any of mine but to avoid future problems please inform everyone to send my mail to:
Sister Karmin Anderson
525 E. Main St
Mesa, AZ. 85203
That's the Visitors' Center address and I will always be able to get my mail there. 
We had 2 lessons with the Wu's this last week. They are solid! We tried to get them to accept a baptism date but they all felt they needed some more time and they wanted to pray about it. We think that is not a bad thing, and we are so excited to they are seriously considering it instead of just doing it. That makes the strong converts. They will totally get baptized this year for sure! The ward is amazing and has just jumped on inviting them to activities and making them feel welcome. Brandon (the son) told us in our last lesson that he knows the Book of Mormon is true.  He followed it up about 5 min. later with telling us he was going to be baptized by the Jehovah's Witness (he was kidding of course, but it made my heart stop for a min.).  They are an amazing family and I can see  It's really neat to watch.  We went to the Visitors' Center and it was then that Mai and Brandon really started to consider this for themselves and not just for Jay.  I LOVE THE VISITORS' CENTER, can't beat the spirit that is there.  We have an Enrichment activity and dinner tomorrow that Mai is going to.  Her biggest concern is that because her family is all Roman Catholic that they will disown her.  We promised her that the gospel blesses families, we may not ever see it but by her being baptized it will bless her family.  Which I was wondering, Mom, if you could write her a letter about how you got married without any of your family in the temple and how following Christ has blessed your extended family and our family. I feel like she could relate. I know how much the gospel has blessed our family and I know it started because of the decision you made to be married in the temple. Did I mention that they are always feeding us... Sister Stephens and I haven't been feeling 100 percent these last couple days and when we went over there to schedule a lesson this next week, as we were leaving they said to come over anytime and they would make us soup. I love that family so much!
We are going to the Phelps for Thanksgiving. The wife has been active and through the temple. The husband  has been active for awhile now but has never been to the temple.  The bishop extended a calling to him and he accepted, and we are teaching them the member lessons as well. I'm excited to see them(especially him) grow and then go to the temple and be sealed. They invited us to Thanksgiving and we even get to help them prepare (I told her I  would make the mashed potatoes and gravy).   I'm excited. Make sure you take pictures of Thanksgiving at home for me.
We got to do a bunch of service this week and it was awesome. We helped make invites to Enrichment and then we helped scrap paint off a house in prep for the new paint. They wanted to surprise their mother before she came home.
Well I guess that's all for now. How is your neighbor coming along with the missionaries?  How's Paula doing? (Will you tell her she can email me back?)
Alma 7:23-24
Miss you much, Love you more!!!!
Love Sister Anderson

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not the best week

Dear Mom and Dad,
This last week has not been the best. Just getting use to a new companion and style of missionary work (full field). I miss the VC a lot, which makes me very grateful that I'm only away for 3 weeks. We taught the Wu's about the Restoration and Jay seems really interested in converting, not to sure about the rest of the family but hopefully as they feel the truthfulness of the message they will come around.
Jill is another investigator we've been teaching, she's a former, but I think she just likes the company and to talk about religion. She says she's prayed about it many times and still feels that all religions are "God's church" we plan on teaching her but not regularly, hopefully God will soften her heart.  She did come to church this week, so that was exciting.
Tony is now to the point he wants to meet the bishop, a step in the right direction for sure. He'll get there, we just need to be patient.
It got down to 55 degrees this last week and it's been raining for the last two days, talk about a change in weather 85 to 55 in one day is crazy! 
Glad that thing are well on the home front! Miss you much, Love you more! (I really do love you sooooo much)
I'll be sending a letter this week too.
Love Sister Anderson