Grandma's going to get in the pool... I thought she was scared of water... GO GRANDMA!!! So what did you think of the big announcement in conference? Pretty crazy... but I really want Kember to go on a mission, I told her to pray about it. But she also may not need a mission because she's amazing on her own (meaning she is growing spiritually with out a kick in the pants... lol)

Our lesson on Sunday was... okay... we probably will be dropping Drew. His mom doesn't really like the idea and he's not putting in very much effort (probably because he doesn't want to offend his mom). He might put more into it if dad was more committed to returning but that time for church change a few weeks back and he keep missing it because he's sleeping in. So if he doesn't read this week we will have to trust the Lord will help him when the time is best. He is a great kid, but it's hard when mom and dad disagree (they are divorced as well)

Robert is doing so good. We watched Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration last night and he cried. He is so in tune with the spirit. We also taught the Law of Chasity and when we committed him to live it he said that would be the easiest thing in the world. I asked him if he thought about serving a mission and he said he was going to! SO AWESOME! He also in the last week has read from 2 Nephi to Helaman... He is a tender mercy, miracle, and a blessing all in one. Sometimes it's hard to get lessons because of stuff at home and the fact we have to go through his friend to contact him, because his phone is CRAZY, but every time we have a lesson it is so good and we are reminded how prepared he his.

Sister Hamstead is AMAZING!!! She's our little greenie. We both feel like she's training us because she is so prepared. Trio are usually pretty difficult but so far we are doing great and we all get along really well. This last week has been full of meetings and lessons so it's been pretty crazy but it's always better when your busy. 

How is everyone's reading? We should be on page 84 by the end of today... That's it for today!

Miss you much, Love you more!

Love Sister Anderson