Monday, September 19, 2011

Transfer News

Dear MOM and DAD,

Kember's a "stick" driver now? WOW, does she just love it, you don't know what you are missing until you start driving a manual then you understand. So who has my car?

So transfer news... Well Sister Dyer is going to another stake in East Mesa with Sister Parker (she's a sister that came out with me and she's AWESOME) they will have lots of fun, I'm staying in my area but it's been switched a bit. I still have the two family wards Harmony and Emerald Acres but they gave the YSA ward to the full-time elders because singles wards have so much work that they need as much attention as possible, and I got another family ward, Solomon. I'm really sad to give up the YSA ward because we have been working so hard to build it up and we have so many strong investigators in that ward, but the Lord knows what's best and I just have to have faith that the elders are what Gable needs right now.
An interesting side story about one of our investigator in that ward; JD is an investigator that we got this last week and he has been progressing so much but in the last couple of days I found out that "I'm a distraction" for him... weird, that right there is one reason he needs elders (even though he doesn't want them). Most of our investigators in the Gable ward are men in their 20's with Law of Chasity problems... ya, we aren't the best missionaries for them. But we are really excited to see them all progress to baptism with their new elders. And the ward will be so one top of things.
So with all the changes in the stakes we thought that they would split the areas so that we were in one stake... I guess not, as of Wednesday I'll be in two different stakes CRAZY!!! But Sister Everett (my new companion) and I are so excited to just put our shoulder to the wheel and explode our areas with work!!!
Speaking of my new companion... Sister Everett is from Connecticut and is on her last transfer, so I'll be "killing" her, but she is AMAZING!!! I'm super stoked to work with her! Sister Dyer and I had our struggles and what not but we both grew so much and now it's time for a change. I really don't think I can tell you how excited I am to get Sister Everett, we are going to ROCK her last transfer!!!!! 
Me, Nicci, and Sister Dyer
So Nicci got baptized this last week and that was fun, she hasn't seem to excited about getting baptized, more apathetic than anything but the day she got baptized you could tell that she was excited and was ready. We are still going to teach her after to keep her strong in the church, but she's a great
little girl and this will bless her life so much.
Me and Nicci
 Christina is having her baptismal interview today with President Ellsworth and she's scheduled to be "dunked" on Saturday, so that will be a good weekend, and next week is Evan's baptism. Last week his mom called us and said that he was ready and excited to get baptized and that their family will be in Arizona on the 29th. We are so excited for him. Four baptisms in a month... CRAZY, but I guess it makes up for the first 3 months of my mission. President Ellsworth wants each companionship to be baptizing once a month, that is actually another reason we work so closely with the members.
Alex is still doing great, that was a bitter sweet good bye yesterday because he said that no one could replace us because we where his missionaries. But he will do good with the elders. We were so proud because he made a comment in Sunday School, he never does that!
We had our mission tour this week. Elder Jung Choi of the seventy and his wife came and spoke to us and it was a really neat experience.

Well that's all for now, glad everything is good at home! I love you all so much!!!
Miss you much, Love you more!!!!
Alma 48:17 Let us all be as Moroni!!!!!!
Love Sister Anderson
Me, Sister Mickelson (a awesome member missionary), and Sister Dyer
Pioneer Zone, zone soccer in the mornings

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