Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Week one at the MTC

My mom was right when she said to have my running shoes on, because I was busy till Sunday and that's when a little homesickness hit, but I'm good it hasn't been bad and I'm learning a lot. Mostly I'm learning how much I don't know. I have an amazing district and the are so on top of stuff. Our teacher call us "advanced" and i believe it about everyone else but I'm working hard to catch up. They are such an inspiration and after some serious thought I decided that the Lord put me with them so I would stretch myself, because if I have to try I will love my mission and not regret any of it, because I put all I had into it! I know this is the true church, I testify that Joesph Smith saw God the Father and the Son and that he restored the true church to this earth. I testify that Heavenly Father loves me and all His children so much he sent His son to Atone for our sins!
Love you all, Miss you more!
Sis. Anderson

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