Sunday, July 3, 2011

More from the MTC

June 15

Mom and Dad,
I'm getting more use to the MTC, but as I told April I miss my own cooking Our teachers are amazing and time flies when we are in class. Brother Beeson and Sister Smith. One of our progressive investigators (the investigators our teachers role play to give us practice) has committed to be baptized if he find it to be true, of course we know he will! In class we learned that once an investigator say yes to a commitment there are inviting the Lord to work in our lives and once the Lord can start working miracles will happen. It was a very special experience because the spirit guided the whole lesson and we were a "true companionship" (teachers words). And it had been an answer to a pray of more faith on my part.
I've memorized quite a bit and I'm finding that I really good at it. In addition to "Our Purpose" and "The First Vision" I have now memorized D & C 4 (it's the missionary chapter). I'm learning a lot I never knew and remembering a lot I learned in primary. Which is so fun and makes me want to watch all the Living Scriptures over again.
Yesterday we had Sister Rosemary Wixom the General Primary President come and speak to us, it was amazing, she has a degree in Elementary Education and as we all know those are the best speakers/teachers lol! And on Sunday in Relief Society we had Sister Ann Dibb (Pres Monson's daughter) speak to us. Relief Society in the MTC is the best! Our Branch President says he wishes he could go because we always have the best speakers come.
As always my district is amazing (and I'll post pictures when I'm in the field, I can't here) i would say they are like little brothers but they don't act like 19 year old boys (most of the time). Can I just say I love not having to open my own doors, most of the time, that will be a hard adjustment in the real world
Copenhagen sounds beautiful, can't wait for pictures! I love you both very much and am so grateful for all you do and have done for me! I wouldn't be who I am without you! The church is true and Heavenly Father loves his children!
Sister Anderson (Karmy)

June 22

First and foremost,
Happy Father's Day DADDY!!! I would have sent a card but you weren't home (Just know I LOVE you very much). Happy Birthday Kelley! Can't wait to see pictures of your baptism.
Look at you two being missionaries! (It just reminds me that I wouldn't be were I am with out my parents) Well all of the visitor center sisters get an amazing opportunity to give tours of the MTC to all the new Mission Presidents that are coming in for training this week. This is the most exciting week at the MTC because ALL the Apostles (I believe that includes the First Presidency) come and teach the NMP's so there is always a chance of seeing an apostle, but the likely hood of not seeing one, security goes way up. But we still get the great honor of giving tours to some amazing men and their wives.
Well today we start VC Training and I'm super excited, there will be a lot of personal study time so I plan on reading the Bible and Book of Mormon. I've never read the Bible and as I have started it it has been really fun to remember all the stories I learned in Seminary. I can't wait to read the BOM in a missionary mind frame! We get to go to Temple Square and go on splits with the sisters there, kinda nervous but excited at the same time. Mostly just ready to be in Mesa! The church is true! Love you all miss you more!

Love, Sister Anderson (Karmy)

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