Monday, December 19, 2011

Transfer News (Dec 12th)

Dear MOM and DAD,
So I have another transfer half full field. Which isn't so bad, I still get 3 weeks at the VC which is better that 6 full field weeks. Lots of excitement at the Visitors' Center we have a sister from Pakistani and a sister from Mongolia coming this week, who have been in the MTC for 3+ months waiting for their visas. Sister Stephens and I are still companions, so I get another transfer of driving all the time.
More exciting news we get to Skype this year for Christmas, so you'll need to get a Video Skipe account. I was thinking 8 am would be best that way we could still both make it to church. Let me know what would work best for you.
The other day I was talking to another sister about asking Heavenly Father for things even if they are little things, because he loves us and wants to bless us as long as we are willing to make it His will. As we were talking I was thinking "Heavenly Father I really want to go to Olive Garden for my birthday, but we aren't suppose to ask if we can leave our area to go eat, so I know that if it's okay with you you'll provide a way so I can go." Two hours later I got a text saying that we were going to Olive Garden for the Departure/Birthday Dinner... answered prayer!  The next day I decided to try it again when my shower was cold so I ask for some warm water and guess what he gave it to me.  I also asked if we could have a lesson with a girl we had been trying to contact and when we got to her house to just drop by she said she was going to call us that day and then we showed up, so we had a lesson. It was pretty cool to see all these answers to prayer.
So I don't know if Kristy told you but Sally came down and I missed her because I was sick, but I am feeling much better now. And I did get the package with the cards. Thank you!!! I love you all so much!
Miss you much, love you more!!!!
Love Sister Anderson

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