Monday, December 19, 2011

Twas' the Week Before Christmas... Really?

Dear MOM and DAD,
12:30 will be great, I'll be at the Vance home. Brother Vance said he was going to call you yesterday so that you could get all the kinks worked out, because I only have 40 mins to talk and I don't want to be trying to figure anything out and wasting time.
This week hasn't been too exciting, we've been at the Visitors' Center a lot (which I love) and I'm finally starting to feel tired and I LOVE that too!!!! Everyone says that Christmas Lights is hard and you get warn out and tired, but I haven't experienced it yet, till this week. I love it because I know that I'm working if I'm dead at the end of the day.
A couple days ago we were taking some sisters home, which caused me to think. At some point I will move out of the house I've been in and it will be hard because it's change... but then the Spirit gently reminded me... "Sister Anderson, I know that change is hard for you, so I called you to the Visitors' Center, so you would always have a constant!" How cool? Even if I go full field again (after this transfer) I will still get to come back to the VC, Heavenly Father knew that always having the VC would help with whatever changes happen outside of the VC. Tender mercy
The Wu's "dropped" us, it wasn't a don't ever come back, more of a we'll call you when we aren't so busy... very sad day, but people have their agency for a reason.
The miracle/answered prayer lesson is with Misty last week.  She is finally an investigator and we have a lesson this week with her. The area is a little slow so we are praying for miracles which means repentance and more obedience! 
SOOOOO excited to see you all this week!!! Can you belive Christmas is 6 days away? 
Miss you much, Love you More!!!
Love Sister Anderson 
Double decked bus with beer by the temple, kind of ironic

Me on my birthday (it rained all day)

Angel Tree Baby stuff   
 Grandma and Mom sent money for Sister Anderson's Birthday so she and Sister Stephens could do an Angel Tree Child.  This is one of Sister Anderson's  favorite traditions.
A Santa that reminded me of dad

Santa that reminded me of mom

12 days of Christmas from Family

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