Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not the best week

Dear Mom and Dad,
This last week has not been the best. Just getting use to a new companion and style of missionary work (full field). I miss the VC a lot, which makes me very grateful that I'm only away for 3 weeks. We taught the Wu's about the Restoration and Jay seems really interested in converting, not to sure about the rest of the family but hopefully as they feel the truthfulness of the message they will come around.
Jill is another investigator we've been teaching, she's a former, but I think she just likes the company and to talk about religion. She says she's prayed about it many times and still feels that all religions are "God's church" we plan on teaching her but not regularly, hopefully God will soften her heart.  She did come to church this week, so that was exciting.
Tony is now to the point he wants to meet the bishop, a step in the right direction for sure. He'll get there, we just need to be patient.
It got down to 55 degrees this last week and it's been raining for the last two days, talk about a change in weather 85 to 55 in one day is crazy! 
Glad that thing are well on the home front! Miss you much, Love you more! (I really do love you sooooo much)
I'll be sending a letter this week too.
Love Sister Anderson

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