Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back at the Visitors Center

Dear MOM and DAD,
Looks like Thanksgiving was good.  I did get the package and it was awesome thank you.  I'll have to take a picture of the pillow case on my bed, I put it on as soon as I got home. Kelsha didn't tell me about her arm, but you did and Ry did a bit.
I made mashed potatoes for the family we ate with and they LOVED them (not to brag but I kind of expected it... lol). I hope someone enjoyed the skin on the turkey for me.  The turkey we had wasn't as brown on top as I like so I didn't get any this year. Sister Phelps got to see my OCD cleaning side on Thanksgiving and when we came back for pie a few days later. She just laughed!
I am SOOOOOOO glad to be back at the Visitors' Center.   I'm grateful for all the miracles we got to see as full field missionaries but I belong at the Visitors' Center. It has been CRAZY, over 4000 people a night to see the Christmas Lights, and we get to be with a Spanish speaking sister so I've gotten to  know some new sisters. It's been the best!!!!!!  Elder White gave us a blessing before we started at the Visitors' Center and as VC sisters.  In the blessing  he included our families, saying that you would have special and unusual blessings and opportunities this holiday season, so keep your eyes open.   I want to hear about them. c:
So Kayla and Cody were arrested this week for previous charges... Cody is still in jail and Kayla is on probation... but she still wants to get baptized, even if it's next year and she hasn't smoked in 5 full days. We are so proud of her and she is so prepared, she will just need a lot of prayers this coming year. We now know she has a sincere desire because it may be over a year before she can be baptized, but she's determined.   She says she's also been happier and even though she's been dealing with alot she has been claim. (The gospel is the best!!!!!) It now gives me a reason to come back to Arizona.

The Wu's are doing good, we have a lesson scheduled at the Bishop's home (finally) this week.  We still are working on getting them to church but Jay has promised he'd get work off on the 11th (because my B-day is the day after) and come.  He's also being deployed in March so we're thinking he'll be baptized in February, fingers crossed!   They are still amazing and I can't wait till they realize how much the gospel will bless their lives.
Well that's it for now. Remember the Reason for the Season!
Miss you much, Love you more!
Alma 26:12 (My new favorite scripture)
Love Sister Anderson
Sister Stephens and Sister Anderson

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