Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day... tomorrow!

What an interesting week... I fell like we've been working hard but I have nothing much to report. Just a lot of talking to members. We had Zone Conference last week and the biggest thing I felt I got from it was that I need to start doing the member lessons again. We are suppose to be doing them all the time but the last few transfers we haven't been very diligent at it. So the Lord has prompted us to start those again.
We haven't been able to drop anyone because we haven't been able to meet with them this week... and no one came to church... but we did get a return appointment from a man that we contacted on the street. The appointment was for last night and when we got there he was actually studying for an interview and set a return appointment for next Sunday (he actually wanted to set it for today but we're at the VC tonight, but that gives us hope that he really is interested.)
Our big focus, until we find/ the Lord puts into our path more people who want to learn, is working with less-active families. It honestly isn't my favorite. But you know me, I just don't understand why you wouldn't just go to church... The Lord is teaching me something, just got to figure out what that is and love them more.
There really isn't much to report this week, lots of riding our bikes, knocking on doors (that don't open), and praying. But I'm sure the Lord is preparing us for something amazing in this area!
I've been working on gaining a "perfect brightness of hope". We have a presentation at the Visitors' Center called Cinderella. The husband served in Orlando Florida on his mission (it's a huge miracle that he got to go) and the wife was a convert (from his mission) who worked at Disneyworld as a Princess and it's about going from the worlds view of "happily ever after" to God's view. They talk about having a "perfect bightness of hope" a lot and I decided that is something I want more of (I feel like I'm lacking a lot in that area.) Sister Proudfit (the wife) also talks about how, as she looks back on her life she can see that right before anything amazing that God has given her happens, she felt the advisory working on her extra hard and now that she's older she can see that when that starts happening that she knows something good is around the corner and she needs to strengthen her faith to be worthy of it. That is where my hope that something good is coming because Satan is working on me and the area a lot... or God is testing my "perfect brightness of hope"
Well I love you all, hope you have a fun Valentine's Day (enjoy your heart cookie Mom, we both know you'll get one haha)
Miss you much, Love you more!
Love Sister Anderson

"Yield to bikes" yeah!!!!!!

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