Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy President's Day!!!!!

Dear MOM and DAD,
Happy President's Day!!!!!
How was your Valentine's Day? We had a mission meeting which consisted of a short message from President Ellsworth, lunch, and watching 17 Miracles. Then we tried to find people that would be home that we could go visit and do service for. It was pretty cold, as Arizona goes, that day. It rained heavily from 5 to 6 (dinner time), the Lord was watching out for us because it stopped right before we went back out to work.  Funny story; we've had several people in the ward thank us for heart attacking their home... but we didn't heart attack anyone. Who ever did it put "From your 2 favorite Sisters" so they all assumed it was us... it has taken some serious convincing to get them to believe it wasn't us.
We got to do more service this week. We helped a sister in our ward with Newborns in Need kits. Service is always awesome!!! 
Still trying to find new investigators, we have a couple potentials fingers crossed.  We still haven't been able to have a lesson with RJ... we had one scheduled for last night but he didn't answer the door or he wasn't home... hopefully it's the later...
The Visitors' Center is good, I've been fighting yet another cold so I've been able to rest when we are there during the day. What a blessing it has been. The stage for the Easter Pageant is almost up. Sister Parker and I are SOOOOO excited to get to see it. The Visitors' Center closes during the performance and when we are on shift we get to go talk to people and then watch the performance. So I'll get to see it a couple times, at least. My mission is truly unique, I had a RM from the Salt Lake VC tell me once, no one will understand your mission, I'm finding that to be true in that it is nothing like I thought a mission would be. I'm so glad I got over my pride and listened to the Lord and came.
Nothing new to report with our investigators, we are still struggling to get a hold of them, so I guess you could consider them dropped.
Jehovah-Jireh (meaning; the Lord will provide)
I Love you!!!!
Miss you much, love you more!!!!
Love Sister Anderson

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