Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From Arizona

Just a heads up my p-days the rest of this transfer are as follows; Feb 13th, Feb 20th, Feb 27th, & Mar 6th and I check my e-mail at 10:00 AM on those day.
I'll try not to run into any garbage cans... lol, I'm so thankful that I rode my bike a lot when I was younger and some when I was older (not too much but more than most I'm finding out) because I actually do really well on bike, meaning balance and coordination.
I feel like this week that Lord has been answering prayers from two months ago.  It's been very humbling because I didn't feel like I really needed it answered anymore and that's when I do need humbling. Oh how the Lord works in mysterious ways... His ways are definitely not mine. But it's okay because I needed it and I will be a better missionary for it and He answered my prayer. It's crazy how it was something I wanted at the time but then when I got it I felt like I didn't need it...
We decided that we will probably be dropping most of the people we are teaching because it feels like we have to push and pull to get them to keep commitments and that is not what we are here to do. We have to have the faith to drop so that we can find those that are ready, those that the Lord has prepared, because that's who we are here to find. It's going to be an exciting week.
Did I mention how much I love Sister Parker. We really do laugh all the time!!! Planing for p-day usually takes five minutes at most and last night it took us thirty... THIRTY, we were so loopy. Bikes wear ya out, which makes you loopy when you get home and WE LOVE IT!!!!!
The Visitors' Center is going through some changes on how we report our numbers (phone call, referrals, people talked to, etc) we will now have key indicators for the VC as well as our area. Those are basically our goals. We've been setting goals at the VC but these are more specific and will require follow-up on the people we call that accept missionaries. So the other day I was looking at the people that I have confirmed (though the Spirit of course) and I got to one that I remembered to be really neat. This guy came in with a member friend and had been trying to contact the missionaries, he was even calling himself a "dry mormon", so I got to talk to him and hear his story and then I made sure the missionaries got in contact with him. Well, I came across his and decided to see how the lessons were going. When I asked him how they were he responded "There GREAT, I got baptized last week!" How cool is that? It was a tender mercy, I didn't really have much to do with his conversion but I did get to see the results of it.
I also gave a tour to a couple at the begining of the month and it was so neat to see the Spirit touch their hearts. After the tour she said that she didn't know why she had come in but that there was a reason she had never been in before and that is was that she wouldn't have been receptive to the message but was now. So cool!!!
That's it for this week. Were headed to Target now and then an Indian Restaurant, we got permission to go to, later. Should be a good day!!!
Miss you much, Love you more!!!
Love Sister Anderson
Ether 12:26-28
We don't have many good hair days (helmets and all) so we took advantage of one and took a picture!


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