Monday, July 18, 2011

Missionary Experiences

Dear MOM and DAD
This week started out pretty rough but you know me I always push through. A couple of days ago at the Visitor Center I got to experience a really cool miracle. We had a party of 3 people come in that weren't members so I got to give them a tour,  the spirit was so strong after I took them through God's Plan for His Family and then we talked about the Book of Mormon and I gave them their own copies and committed them to read and pray, and they said they would. It was so cool to see the excitement they had about reading it, they didn't accept missionaries... yet but I know as they read they will want to know more and I gave them the cards so they could contact the missionaries when they wanted to know more. So that was my cool VC Miracle.
I also gave away my first Book Of Mormon in the field the day before, it was sooo scary but exciting too. We also had another miracle that night we gave a BOM to a kid named Rodney/Roney (we aren't quite sure which it is) and I felt he didn't really seemed interested but he said we could come back, well later that night we drove past his house (not because we're creepers, but because we have a TINY area and you can't really help it) and he was reading the BOM we gave him!!! SO EXCITING!
They just finished redoing God's Plan for His Family and it is AMAZING, talk about a sucker punch with the spirit, people will almost always feel it when they go though, no matter their back ground or belief. You should go down to St George and see it. They have the new one there too.
I'm almost half way though the Book of Mormon and I'm loving reading it so fast.  It makes it clearer and you can see the whole picture. When I went into the MTC I didn't feel I had a strong testimony of the BOM, I knew it was true but I didn't really understand the power it could have in someones life that hadn't grown up in the church, and I wanted to gain that testimony, well I can say that I'm well on my way. It was like a light went of in my head and now I can relay the importance of the BOM to people.
Still working on getting to know the members and getting them excited about missionary work. They are slowly getting there but we have lots to do. Though the members are amazing!!! 
I love the senior couples at the Visitor Center it's like I have 4 or 5 grandmas and grandpas and I learn so much from them.
Miss you much LOVE you more!!

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