Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Letters From Arozina

Dear MOM and DAD (Even though he's in Alaska right now)
Tell Danielle "Hi" from me, you two will have so much fun, it's like a girls week!! Take pictures for me! My companion and I are good, we aren't BFF"S or anything but that's okay and we are working hard to build up the work. I just finished Alma 36 this morning, I have it all mapped out so that I finish on time and I'm right on track, then when I finish I can get back to reading the New Testament and D&C I've never finished both (or the Old Testament, but I started it and it's not my favorite so I'll work on the other two first).
I'm super jealous that dad is up in Alaska, I bet the weather is perfect right now! That's okay cuz come October it will be so nice here. So life in Mesa? Well I can tell you mom that you don't have to worry about me becoming a "big city" girl (i think maybe if it was like Urban City I might but it's not) I really like smaller towns. They are prettier and you know where all the restaurants and stores are. My area is less than 2 miles and I still don't know what's all in it...
But the people (at least the members in our wards) are really great. There are several I really love (and hope they don't forget me, my companion says that because it's my first area I probably won't get transferred back and I can't come back during my mission once I've been transferred) But there are the Birch's, which I told you alittle about they are still just amazing, The Mickelsons, we've been teaching them the member lessons (just the missionary lessons but to members, it give us practice and helps the members to trust us) and Sister Mickelson is so missionary minded that she's always helping by coming to Lessons and inviting non-members over, The Shelley's, Sister Shelley is the RS Pres and we ate at her house last week, we got Brinner (Breakfast/Dinner) it was yummy, The Ash's, Brother Ash is the ward mission leader and is so good at his calling. Our mission president is very focused on using the members in our missionary work, so we spend quit a bit of our time helping and lifting the members/less-actives (because we don't have any investigators)
It's sad because every time we think we've found someone to teach they drop us or move... our area is so small (1 sq mile block) that everyone is a member/less-active/or has been invited so often. But we have faith that it will pick up. We spoke in church on Sunday about increasing our faith in missionary work by opening our mouths and inviting (even when they've been invited 100+ times) because we don't know when they are ready and when they might accept, so it's our job to invite as often as possible. We will see miracles soon.
Last night we had a storm and it was awesome, tonz of lightning (far off so I was safe, DAD) and then I got to get wet it was like 87 degrees LOVED it!!! (that is what the wet hair picture is for, the pose is for Kember)
So last week someone decided they didn't like Jesus and throw a beer bottle through the window of the visitor center (it was early morning so no one was there). We have the window fixed but there's still a nice stain on the carpet from the beer... some peoples kids.  Got to see another miracle, a girl about my age came into the visitor center looking for some information on where she could go to get some temporal help, I took her through God's Plan for His Family (she cried, most do) and she accepted the missionaries, I get to see so many people that God has prepared and are ready to receive the gospel all because I'm in the VC, how blessed am I. I truly love the Visitor's Center it's AMAZING!!! It's like I have 20 sisters, many of which are good friends already.
When you talk to Dad next tell him I said "Don't get eaten by a bear!!" LOL Let me know how your shoulder stuff works out I'll be praying for you!
How was the 24th (I missed Holden's celebration the most)? But we got to dress up at the VC on the 23rd (yep they do celebrate the 24th here, CRAZY I know I thought it was a "Utah" thing)
 Thank you for all the support and prayers! Miss you much, LOVE you MORE!!!
Love, Sister Anderson

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