Monday, January 9, 2012


Dear MOM and DAD,
We did more service this week, we raked leaves, it was a lot of fun!  But with all the service my pants are wearing out, could you when ever you get another package to me send my light blue jeans with it. They are light blue flared legged Maurice's.
I'm glad you got to meet Elder and Sister Young, I love them so much!!!! You'll have to let me know when you go see them.

So just yesterday we had a couple potentials pop up out of no where and earlier this week we were contacting a referral who ended up not wanting to meet with us. But we ended up talking to his daughter, who has lots of member friend that "teach her a seminary lesson every day at lunch" and we set up a time for this week to come back. We are excited about that.
We were having a lesson with Kayla this week and we were reading in the scriptures and the spirit taught me something really cool. In 1 Nephi 9:6 it's talking about God providing a way for his works to be accomplished and as I was reading the spirit put in my mind "What are his works?" Well to bring to pass our eternal life and glory (Moses 1:39) So God will always provide a way for our eternal life and glory to be accomplished. Which in turn goes along with God never giving us anything we can't over come with Jesus Christ. How cool is that?
I guess that's it for this week, didn't get an email this week but I'm sure I'll hear from you next week!
Miss you much, Love you more!
Love Sister Anderson

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