Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week in Pictures


Well not too much has happened this week, other than officially dropping
everyone we were teaching (official basically means we aren't going to try
and contact them any more because they didn't come to church or they
cancelled on us again...) and we had a bunch of lessons with less-active
members of the church (that in it's self was a miracle). We had our zone
activity today so I'm warn out (we hiked Camelback and made pizza). So I'll
make up for the lame e-mail next week but this week is a week in pictures
type of email.

I did have an awesome faith building experience. I was still sick for most
of the week so I got a blessing from my district and zone leaders. It was
so cool when they laid their hands on my head the priesthood filled the
room and you could just fill the power of God. Nothing miraculous happened
but it was a feeling I will never forget and a image I will always
remember. What a blessing to be a member of God's true church! People don't
get to experience things like that and I get to experience it all the time.
I KNOW that this is God's church restored to the earth, there isn't
anything much better than that!

Miss you much, Love you more!!!!
Love Sister Anderson

P.S. Daddy you were right, Olive Garden is my favorite and I'm glad you
remembered. I'm sad I missed your fun weekend. The first time it was Dad,
Ryan, and Me and look what it's has become! I love our family!!!
Riding our bikes as usual

Getting ready for the Easter Pageant

We ate lunch outside on temple grounds one day this week it
was wonderful!

My amazing companion and I

This was a picture I took on "hump day"(1/2 way), meaning I have less days here than days I've been here. It's kind of a silly picture.

Pounding the pavement!

Made it to the top (again)! I don't plan on doing that
again... but that is what Sister Parker said the last time we went and she
did it again...

Pioneer Zone February 2012 (all but 4)

Pioneer Zone real personality... =D

Our zone hiked Camelback at 6 this morning, this is a better idea of "what" Camelback is.

Sister Parker and I made our own pizza today, one of the
Elders said ours look professional!

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