Monday, April 30, 2012

IT'S GETTIN' HOT.... already

April 23, 2012

Dear MOM and DAD

I think most of my letter homes mention something about the weather... tis the nature of the beast! But it reached 104 degrees yesterday!

Well this last week has flown. On Tuesday we went to the mission office to pick up Sister Soifua, she spent her first night with us. Totally brought me back to my first day in the field, 115 degrees and quite homesick. Still really hot but I can't believe that I've come this far. I love and miss you all so much but I'm good and even though my mission has thus far been very hard (and will continue I'm sure) I wouldn't trade all I've experienced and learned for the world!  Anyway back to our greenie, we saw miracles all night, people being home and getting to talk to random people. Miracles always happen when new missionaries come in and it was a huge privilege to get to "day train" her. Most of the other missionaries who got to do it were Zone Leaders or VC Trainers (Their the ZL's of the VC) so we felt pretty special. 

Yeah for being back at the Visitors' Center! The Lord really knew what He was doing when he sent me there and I thank Him everyday for it! One day we were on phones and I was teaching my phone investigator Menilik (who is AWESOME) he was referred by a member in my old area who is preparing for a mission. He is the reason that Menilik is reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and trying to go to church (his family goes to a different faith). I had committed him to pray to know if the Book of Mormon was true and when I asked him this week he said he was praying and that he didn't think he'd gotten an answer yet. So we talk about how he feels when he reads and when he goes to seminary (he went 3 times last week, how great is that!) and it helped him to see that he was getting his answer and I think he knows it's true now. He looks forward to the calls and he love reading the Book of Mormon, this boy will get baptized, I just know it! 

Serina went to the hospital yesterday and is still there (prayers for her would be wonderful) but she still wants to be baptized THIS week, we asked if she wanted to push it back and she said now way, so today we get special permission to go to the hospital and teach her, we're on a tight deadline so president was willing just this once to let us go! I love that family so much, they are a huge miracle of my mission and an answer to my prayers to teach someone who was prepared. This work is the best. They make all the junk we missionaries deal with worth it! I'll send pictures of the baptism next week! 

Sister Dashjav experienced her first EVER 3 digit weather and it toasted her apple she left in the car! Thank you for my package I LOVED it and I did get the card. I named the monkey Lucy Jr. because she hangs in our car, who's name is Lucy. We're excited to have a water gun fight too. I love you all more than I can every express! 

Miss you much, Love you more!
Love Sister Anderson 

P.S. Mom did you get my "un"talent? And still wondering on my boxes... anyway that's all =D


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