Monday, April 30, 2012

Transfers are here again

April 16, 2012

Dear MOM and DAD, 

Well we got transfer news, I don't really have much to report, all is staying the same. It will be a good transfer and I love my companion, we are back at the visitors center and that will help me get my bearings again. I've been off since Easter Pageant and being sick, but a new transfer is always a good time to do better.  

Serina, Kyana, and Michael are all doing well. They have a new baptismal date for the 28th of April and they are determined to work toward that day! It will be a good few weeks. 

We had choir practice this week at the Visitors' Center and Sister Beckstrand told me I have a good ear, it made me feel good because I've been trying to sing alto all the time and it's hard picking it up.  Also this week I had a Bargs root beer and I guess if you aren't in Utah it has caffeine. Well it taste way better in Utah... that's all I have to say about that! 

We ate a members home who had 38 tractors!!!! What kind is yours dad? It was crazy. Yesterday I was reading about the sons of Mosiah, when they first left, and I thought of dad. King Mosiah died while they were on their missions, that's like you dad, your like the sons of Mosiah, pretty special I'd say! =D

We also got a new car this week. 39 miles on it when Elder Nilsen (Elder over cars) gave it to us, he literally drove it off the lot, and I got to drive it!! Probably the only time I will get to drive a new car, so I'm enjoying every minute of it!

Well I'm kind of scatter brained right now so my email is a little crazy. I'll do better next week! Thank you for the emails I love you all!!!!
Miss you much, Love you more! 
Love Sister Anderson

Still wanting to know if you got my boxes...

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