Thursday, April 5, 2012

Better... Mostly

Dear MOM and DAD,

Well not much to report from the last week because I spent it studying, sleeping, and then working at the Pageant.  Being sick and all I didn't have much ump to do anything during the day so I slept when we weren't at the pageant or morning study. It made it possible for me to feel semi normal in the evenings, so that was a blessing and I've gotten over my cold quit fast so that is a blessing also. We haven't actually been in our area in a week and it will be very similar this week. We will get a couple hours a day because I'm felling better, but those hours, sadly, are when no one is home... but the Lord will provide! 

The pageant is so good! If I wasn't here now I would say you should check it out but with the way it is you'll have to wait until next year... sorry. It actually hasn't been as busy as we thought it would be, so we're thinking it will be crazy this week because everyone thought it would be crazy last week so they all waited. 

Conference was really good, as always it made me homesick, but not too bad. Serina and her kids watched at least the first session on Sunday which was PERFECT because our lesson tonight is on the Plan of Salvation, that's what everyone talked about. They are still doing wonderfully despite not being able to meet with them, the Lord does bless our area when we can't be in it. We had lunch with Sister Christensen (a ward missionary) and she had family come. They were from Utah (Bountiful to be exact) and they are bring another box of stuff home for me. It's mostly my winter stuff that I don't need anymore. But the cool thing is,  that she remembers having dad as a teacher in high school... her name is Julia Barnett but was Thornley. They will be stopping by on Wednesday or Thursday I told them if it was late to just leave it on the front porch, but just a heads up. You'll have to let me know how it goes. Did Sister Phelps parents drop off my first box yet? 

I guess that's it this week, hopefully I have more to tell next week. I love you all!
Miss you much, Love you more! 
Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement! 
Love Sister Anderson

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