Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Still Hot, Ice Cream and Service

Dear Mom and Dad... and Danielle
Yup it's still hot, but it's the norm for me now. I'm super excited for winter though. Sounds like last week was a rough one, "Mom I think you need a hug!!"  Tell Danielle to give you one for me. I hope you are doing better this week, how's the shoulder? Still "hanging" in there... lol? When did Dad get a touch screen phone? I don't remember asking for a white skirt, unless it was the DownEast one with the purple and green geographic print on it, if so that's the one I really wanted... but if you can't find it I'll be okay. Thank you again for sending me that stuff I haven't got it yet but I haven't got the mail yet today.
Now for the good stuff. Last week was crazy we had exchanges for three days straight, so I was in a trio for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Thursdays was the craziest because we had a full day of teaching member lessons, we were so tired by the time we got home, probably the best nights sleep I've had thus far on my mission. This next week we have a couple more days like that, we are going to have to go on splits because we have so many member lessons to teach.
Dad might be interested to know that in the 5 weeks I've been in Arizona I've eaten more Ice Cream than I have in the last 5 years of my life... still not a huge fan but it's cold so I'll take it.
For the last couple weeks we've been trying to have a lesson with a less-active member named Kate, she's a convert and has two children one is 9, Ivan, and the other is 4, Jade. We finally had a lesson with her last week and it was so good, she wants to come back to church and she wants her children to have the gospel. So we are going to start teaching Ivan because she wants him to be baptized, we are just waiting on Kate to ask Ivan's dad if he can be baptized (Lots of prayer and fingers crossed). They came to church last Sunday and it was awesome (It was also my first investigator at church), we are really excited for them!
My first transfer is next week... we will know by Saturday if either one of us is being transfired, it would be really sad if one of us was because we are just getting to build relationships with the members and it would be tough to start over. But the Lord knows what he is doing, so we will do whatever is asked.
This last week at the VC I confirmed 2 people over the phone to receive the missionaries, one of them was so ready. It's amazing all the miracles that happen at the visitor center. Just yesterday a man come in and said his girlfriend was a member and he knew she wanted to get married in the temple so he was there to find out what he needed to do to make that happen, he wanted to surprise her. And just the day before we had a German family come in and say 'We are Catholic, we want to learn about your church". Most of the time we don't get to see the result of all these miracles but it's so neat to see the beginning.
The member lessons have been going so well, I'm getting better at teaching and we are getting to know the members better, which is really fun. Yesterday I got to do my first service, we went to the Golding's (another amazing family) and helped them de-junk their house. Mom you know how I am, I warned her before we came that I was a stickler but she wanted us to come. We will have to go back next week but we got a good deal done and it was nice to get to organize for awhile, it's a major de-stresser for me.
Today we get to go to the mall, I'm in need of some perfume and Wal-mart isn't the best place to go. So it should be a fun day!
Miss you much, Love you more!!!!
Sister Anderson
Service at Sister Goldings
RJ Birch, Sister Anderson, Sister Golding, Sister Dyer,
Christina Allen (RM/Previous Companion of Sister Dyer visiting)

Another Dust Storm

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