Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Missionary Letter

Dear MOM and DAD
Well it's been a long but good week. It started off kind of rough but worked itself out.
VC Blessings- A couple came in last week and asked for a "Mormon Bible" so I gave them a Book of Mormon and then took them on a tour. They were so excited to learn more about the church and to meet with the missionaries (we call those top boxes, people who accept our offer to send missionaries to their home). It's really cool to see people who are prepared and want the blessing of the Gospel compared to those who we have to "convince" or those who get offended because we are offering them something amazing. These are the people who make a mission such a great thing. I also had several people accept missionaries over the phone and they are also the people who are ready to have the Gospel in their lives.
Alex (Investigator)- Alex is doing so good. We did have to push his baptism back to next week (Sept. 3) because he has to be off of smoking for 2 full weeks before he can be baptized. But he is still going strong and is progressing in the gospel and is stoked about his baptism. I always have the underlying fear that he will give in to temptation or will stop doing all the good things he's been doing to keep him strong. But he always proves me wrong. GO ALEX!!! The Lord has truly prepared him for the Gospel and has helped inspire us to keep him strong. We felt like we should have RJ fellowship him and it was the best decision we have made, they get along so well and RJ is a great influence on Alex. It also helps RJ keep that missionary fire and focus as he prepares to serve himself. Alex has been coming to church and reading his scriptures and praying without much encouragement from us and the ward has done a great job taking him in.
Christina (Investigator)- Christina is another investigator that is so prepared but her family is in the way of her fully committing. She feels the spirit when we have lessons and she is seeing the blessings of the Gospel already in her life, but her mother asked her not to get baptized... we told her that Heavenly Father would help her get through any trial if she made that commitment, but she has to make the decision, so we told her to pray and see what God wanted her to do (we all know the answer), now we just pray she will act on it. She is such an amazing girl with such a strong spirit. She has been through so much and it has brought her to the point that she is ready to receive the blessing God has for her, she just needs to reach out and take it. We pray for her a lot. She is coming to church and reading her scriptures, and the ward is so welcoming.
The YSA ward is really surprising us, all the amazingness that is happening in that ward is because we have the best Ward Mission Leader EVER!!!! Brad had been home for about a year and still has the missionary fire. We love Brad and it truly is because of him we have all this work in the ward.
Evan (Investigator)- Evan is doing good, they are still coming to church and the baptismal date is still on, so we'll just keep teaching him and getting him excited for his baptism.
Other- Well I met Elder Tremebling (picture), he worked with Kember before he came out. It was so fun to see someone who had seen Kember more recently than I had. 
Elder Tremebling and Me
We had a little drama here this last week. Sister Dyer had an anxiety attack and was struggling to breath, so I called Sister Ellsworth and she walked me through what needed to be done (my mom gene kicked in, of course) she was okay after we got her relaxed.   I learned that I need to manage my stress to stay healthy though.
I love you both more than words can say and pray for you always!!! Miss you much, love you more!!
Alma 56: 47-48 (My favorite)
Sister Anderson
Me and a Muffin    

Sister Dyer, Sami, Sister Anderson, Robbi
 Robbie is a convert of a year who just baptized Sami a week ago. They have been coming in and watching all the movies at the VC and have gotten to know all the Sisters really well. We love them!!!

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