Tuesday, August 9, 2011

News from Transfer Day

Dear MOM and DAD,
Well the news is in... Sister Dyer and I will still be together and we will still be in our area!
I got the package, thank you so much! I cried because it smelled like home! How was 17 Miracles? I've heard nothing but good about it, maybe the Mission President will let us watch it when it comes out on DVD... we'll see
Well the mall was fun last week, we went to the Disney Store (bad idea) it made me want to go to Disneyland real bad, so I plan on avoiding going back (to the store not the park c: we should take another family trip in 2013... hint, hint). I had to speak in District Meeting last week, about what it means to me to be a missionary. I used the Fourth Missionary talk, I think it went well. I also get to speak, again, in one of our wards this next Sunday. I have the feeling I will get over my fear of speaking in church before I come home... lol!
Last Thursday we had a full day. We had 6 appointments (member lessons) in 3 hours so we had to go on splits. I got to go with Sister Christina Allen, she was a missionary in my area over 6 months ago who is here visiting. She's amazing and it was cool to teach with her. It was alot easier teaching with her than with the girl I went with last night, we had never taught together before and she hadn't been on her mission in over 4 years, so it was a little rough. It definetly made me grateful for my companion and our unity in teaching. We are pretty good, or at least the Spirit is good at using us, at being able to just pick up where the other has left off.
Last Friday we TTI"D (Teach, Testify, and Invite) a guy in his front yard. He was a black Muslim and really cool to talk to. Most people just through the line at us "I'm (fill in religion) and that's all I need" but he was very respectful and asked us questions. Not that he was looking for anything new just curious... that's how it starts though He said we could come back and talk to his wife, so well see how that goes.
We had another lesson with Kate and her kids, we want to ask Ivan if he will be baptized next lesson so Kate said she'll ask his dad if that is alright. They've been coming to church and we are really excited for them. Some Elders in our Zone gave us 2 new investigators this week (one with a baptism date already) and we will be meeting them soon. They are both YSA and we have the YSA ward so even though the ward is VERY small (it struggles because everyone around here just goes to their home wards) we have faith that if we start doing work in that ward, the ward will benefit from it.
We were at a member lesson the other day with the Shelley's and at the end of the lesson they were commenting on how much I've changed (because they met me my first day in the area, the day the power went out, not such a good day for me) I don't feel any different but people keep saying it, so it must be true!
I'm 8 pages away from finishing the Book of Mormon! I will finish sometime today meaning I will have met my goal to read the entire Book of Mormon in a transfer (6 weeks). Now I'm really excited to start over and use my studying journal. I just discovered the amazingness of a study journal, I always have all these thoughts running around in my head and I'm liking that I'm writing them down. I'm also really excited to start the Doctrine and Covenants when I finish and continue the New Testaments.
You are both amazing!!! Miss you much, LOVE you more!!!
Sister Anderson
Alma 36:3

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