Tuesday, August 30, 2011

missionary letter

This may not be very long today. Not because I'm not okay but more because it's only been 5 days since my last email and I was hit in the head with a soccer ball this morning so my head still hurts...
Well Alex is still doing great! He has his baptism interview on Tuesday and we are pretty confident he will pass with flying colors. Evan is still a bit leery about getting baptized but we are going to have a lesson where the ward mission leader practices  baptizing with him so he won't be as scared anymore. The Visitor Center is great I'm growing and getting more comfortable with phones (just watch as soon as I have the hang of it President will send me full field...lol)
Lots of cool little miracles have happen this week, as usual,  but looking back I see more of how I've changed. I'm not as homesick anymore, the heat doesn't really bother me anymore, and I'm coming closer to my Savior. All are very good things. I'm learning more and more that what people think of me does not matter, if I am making the Savior my best friend then I'm doing what I should and that is all I need. I'm so grateful for our family I love you all so much. I was talking to a recent convert yesterday and I showed him a picture of our family and he said just what everyone says, that I have a very good looking/pretty/beautiful family. But he followed it with they have a neat spirit about them, and it clicked, our family is centered on Jesus Christ and that is why all your children are good and why people tell me how beautiful my family is. We have the light of Christ! Thank you Mom and Dad for teaching us to love our Savior and center our lives around Him!
Well sorry again for it being so short but I'm really tired... Hope you get feeling better Mom, I pray for you always. Make sure you are taking it easy!!! How is school going for Dad?  Miss you much, Love you more!!!  1 Nephi 21:15-16
Love Sister Anderson 

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