Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad,
This week has been such a whirl-wind of emotions and experiences that I couldn't even think of a title for the e-mail.
The most exciting news is that we now have 2 investigators with baptismal dates. 
The first is Evan (I've been spelling his name wrong the whole time... oops) his mom informed us that she had asked Evan's dad if he was okay with Evan getting baptized and he was so yesterday we invited him to be baptized. He was a bit hesitant because he was afraid of going under water backwards but still accepted the invitation, we think he won't be as scared once he sees someone get baptized. It was really cool to see his mom help us talk to him about being baptized. She has changed so much since we started teaching her, we can tell she is getting the Spirit back in her life and her countenance is changing. Jade, her 4 year old, told us yesterday that she was going to get married in the temple. They had had a lesson on it in primary, she was also really excited about getting baptized when she turns 8. That whole family has come so far and I'm so glad i got to be a part of it.
The second is Alex. Alex was the investigator that the Elders gave us. He is amazing, he's about my age but has been though so much. His mother is a recent convert and he asked her to hook him up with the missionaries. I can't even really express how amazing Alex is he has been drug free for over 60 days and stopped smoking the moment the Elders told him he should. He's reading and praying and that is when you know that they have a true desire, is when they do the little essentials. He's got a plan for his life and is working his hardest to get his son back. He's such an inspiration of a disciple of Jesus Christ.
I had the privilege of being a instrument in Heavenly Father's hand in rekindling a girl's, about my age, desire to go on a mission. It is so neat to think because of me the Spirit could remind her of that desire. It was fun to see her have her own "smack in the face" I recall God doing the same to me.
So even though I HATE making phone calls I've been working on being more diligent at it and this last week the I got to see a lady that was so ready for the missionaries accept them. And the man who referred her was so happy that I had followed the spirit he called in with another referral and specifically asked for me. I felt so honored!!!
That is so cool you got to hear from Sister Vance, we love that family SOOOO much. They have such an amazing spirit in their home. Brother Vance has Parkinson's and went in for surgery yesterday to get some probes put in his brain, we've been praying for him. It was defiantly a tender mercy for us to meet them.
I GET TO DRIVE again, I got approved to drive the car, it was alittle scary at first but I only hit one curb the first day! I missed driving so much. Speaking of driving am I correct in thinking Kember has learned to drive my car? If so that is awesome!!! Ryan said she lock the keys in my car and I only assume it's because she was driving it. Maybe now she understand how much fun a manual is.
Sister Dyer and I are working hard on still finding our balance as companions, our teaching is getting better and better, but we have a long way to go.

Me- Duh...
The car wash- we get our car washed every week and it always reminds me of the movie Catrinia, Catrinia (with Whoopi Goldberg) so I took a picture.
Me and the Vance's- that is the family I told you about, it was our last member lesson so it was kind of sad.
Me and a Lighthouse- Just for you mom!!!
My Zone from my 1st transfer- It was a really good zone!
Well I best be headed. Miss you MUCH, Love you MORE!!!

Love, Sister Anderson

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