Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How Exciting

Dear MOM and DAD
I don't think this will be very long because my mind is still swimming on finding out I'm an aunt for the 7th time.... That is so EXCITING and it's even cooler that she had him in Fillmore. He is a doll, I'm really sad I can't be there to hold him!
Evan got baptized this last week. It was a really neat baptism too. He was a bit nervous before but after he was dunked he said "Is that it?" so funny! He will be confirmed this next Sunday because of conference. Now the goal is to get Kate to the temple and Patrick (Evan's dad) to take the lessons.
Isabel is still on tract to be baptized. She came to the Sunday morning session of Conference with us and it was just what she needed. She had so many prayers answered through the talks. She really is the most amazing person, we just have to ask inspired questions and then she talks herself though them and the spirit testifies and then she knows it's true. We are really excited for her, and I'm really excited that Sister Everette gets to be a part of this miracle her last transfer. That's an answer to my prayers.
Yesterday we started teaching a really cool guy. His name is Jihad he's a black Muslim that grew up in Idaho. He studies religion and wants to learn more about "Mormons" but he also said he was doing some soul searching. I know as he reads the Book of Mormon he will find the answers he is looking for, then all he has to do is take action. (That's the hard part for most people) He is really respectful of the Book of Mormon and really respects Mormons. It will be fun to teach him.
Well that's all for now. I love you both so much. Hope you enjoyed conference, I missed the whole family all weekend. The new grandbaby it beautiful.
Miss you much, Love you more!!!    1 Cor. 1:27
Love Sister Anderson
Sister Everette, Sister Dyer, Evan, Sister Anderson, Kate

Evan, Sister Anderson
Evan, sister Anderson, Evan's little sister

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