Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Slow Week

Dear MOM and DAD,
Happy Birthday Daddy!!! I hope you got my card.
This week has been pretty slow as far as missionaries go... All of our lessons with Isabel fell through and she made plans on Sunday so she didn't come to church either. We did get to talk to her husband for about 15 min on Saturday and invite him to learn with his wife he said probably and that he would talk to Isabel about it. Fingers crossed!!!
We've mostly been trying to contact referrals and formers and inviting them... no real luck so far. We did get to do some service this week. I've never been so excited to do yard work... yes I was excited to do yard work and it was AWESOME. The temperature has been around 80-85 degrees all week and the day we served it was about 75 degrees, it was beautiful and we got a potential investigator from it. We had borrowed the neighbors lawn mower and so we mowed her lawn as well, she has a non-member son-in-law whom we started to talk to and asked if we could come back and teach him, he said yes. We have yet to set up a time but we are excited. It has been a huge testimony builder of service as a tool for finding people, and I've gained a huge love of service being on my mission.
Probably the most exciting thing to happen to us this week was TTI-ing a drunk woman, so here's the story.  We were headed to contact a referral and my companion saw a woman hunched over sitting by a wall, and because my companion has a very tender heart, we went to see if we could cheer her up. As we were talking to her a man from the half-way house we were in front of came out and asked if we could take her to a detox hospital. We can only have missionaries in the car, so that was a no go but we said we'd find someone to give her a ride. She not wanting us to call anyone and get her in trouble (the police) started walking away so we, not wanting her to get hurt went with her. About 1 mile and 45 min later, we determined to call President Ellsworth because we still hadn't been able to contact anyone. His advice was to call 911, so we did and waited for them to show up. After they showed up we found out they had already dealt with her once that day and that they had tried to take her home but she wouldn't go. As we headed back to our car Sister Everette exclaimed alright no more drunks and homeless people, you pick who we talk to from now on. ( A little back story, I always give her a hard time for talking to all the homeless and drunk people on the street, I know I should be more like her, she truly does love people as the Lord loves them) We had a good laugh and had to go home to change because Sister Everette smell like alcohol from Amy (that was her name) hugging her so much... Funny night!!!
Well not much else to tell, other than I REALLY REALLY REALLY want your conversion story mom!!!
Miss you much, Love you more!
Jacob 7:25
Love Sister Anderson

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