Friday, October 21, 2011

Just another day in Paradise

MOM and DAD,
Well it's not quite Paradise yet, the temperature went back up to 105 degrees this last week, but they say that's the last of it. They've started putting up the Christmas light on the trees. It does not feel like the Christmas season is just over a month away (I guess I'm still waiting for fall to come).
Well Isabel is not getting baptized this week, we've only seen her once the the last 2.5 weeks and we don't have a lesson with her till the 20th. She is so prepared but now life is getting in the way, it makes me sad, but in the process of trying to catch her at home we have been able to talk to her Husband and her older children and we now have high hopes for the whole family. Which has been an answer to our prayer to know how we can get the family involved and realize it's not just for Isabel.
Jihad didn't come to church this week, so we've decided that we'll leave it at that... he has the knowledge to continue if he wants to but for now he's not ready for the change.  So Sunday was not a good day, none of the recent converts I've taught came to church... One of which was Alex who was going to receive the Priesthood... that worries me. I'm finding it really hard when I get to see people find the gospel and accept it, then give in to the advisory...  I cried.
Even though Sunday day was not the best Heavenly Father blessed us with a really neat miracle that evening. So Saturday we were hitting all the town homes because we had a list of potentials a mile long for that complex, as we were we found that most of the people did not still live there, so it really turned into tracting (It was nice to have a reason to be knocking on their door and then get the chance to tell them why we were looking for those people, it's makes it alot less awkward). We knocked on one door and a man answered we ask if he was the person we were looking for of course he wasn't but he did invite us in to have pizza with his family, we had already eaten but asked if we could come back the next day. So Sunday evening we head over there not knowing quite what to expect... most people don't just invite you into their home unless they're members, Brandon answered the door (this is Jay's son) and invited us in, well to shorten this already long story Jay wasn't home but Brandon wanted to learn more and his dad and step mom were totally okay with it. We had  a really good lesson and set up an appointment for Wednesday. His step mom actually said she was glad we came by because he had just moved in and was taking online classes so he didn't have any friends and the youth program for the church was just what he needed. We have the Deacon's quorum president going over tonight to invite him to mutual. 
So last week was hot and rough but this week is cooling down and we have a bunch of lessons planned. It's going to be a good week!
I Love you both! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! for the package. 
Miss you much, love you more!
Mosiah 3:19
Love Sister Anderson
P.S. Brittany Long (old roommate and one of my BF's) got her mission call to Toyko Japan!!!  Congrats Brittany!!!

Sister Everette

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