Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Change is Change

March 12 , 2012 email.

Well it's been a crazy week. I feel like a greenie again, not knowing anyone or anything about the area. Sister Dashjav is awesome and such an example to me.  We have one investigator with a baptismal date for the 24th of this month. His parents just got baptized last month and after they got baptized he decided he wanted to as well so we're teaching him. His name is Lloyd and he's 17. When I first met him I noticed that he had earrings, so in our second lesson we asked him about it and then counseled him to take them out because prophets have said that young men shouldn't have earrings. He was totally cool with it and said "They're just earrings." Then the next day at church he had them out. I'm glad it wasn't as big a deal as I thought it would be.
We don't have that many miles for our car so we're going to be biking while it's still cool outside. I do love to bike.
I guess that's it for now. Didn't get an email this week.
Miss you much, Love you more.
Love Sister Anderson

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