Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Transfer news... and lots of other fun stuff!


Last Monday Sister Parker and I were riding to the Visitors' Center for our shift, we both had headaches, I was still getting over my cold and Sister Parker was getting a new one and the wind was blowing like CRAZY.  My thoughts included; this SUCKS (sorry mom...) can't we walk or get a ride? Why do we have to ride in the wind? My head hurts! And so forth. Sister Parker (who is such a great example to me) was thinking; I have a headache, I'm getting sick, and the wind is blowing, but we will get to the VC and we will be happy, Satan you can't get me down! Just as she had finished this sentence in her head... she ran into a car... yup that did just happen, but all is well. Satan may have gotten her down physically but he couldn't touch her spiritually!  She got right up and we proceeded to the VC (don't worry she had minor injuries).  As we headed on our way again she asked "Why do the weird things happen to me?" I responded "Because Sister if it had happened to me I would have stayed on the ground, that would have been the straw that broke the camels back today." What an example of enduring and being cheerful in all things. She was able to dust herself off and we both had a great laugh after (and for many days later). Come to find out she now has walking pneumonia ... I think she got the cold from me.

The new Visitors' Center Director's wife, Sister Beckstrand, has a blog about the VC with pictures and everything that she is doing for the sisters families http://beckstrandbeat.blogspot.com/ enjoy!
Transfer News... drum roll..... I'm leaving my greenie area! After almost 9 months they are kicking me out. I'm headed to Citrus Heights which is north/east mesa and my companion will be Sister Dashmaa Dashjav from Mongolia we will be full-field for 3 weeks, VC for 2 weeks (the Easter Pageant, SOOOOO excited) and then full-field for the last week. I'm really sad to be leaving Sister Parker, we got along so well and laughed all the time, but I'm super excited to be going to Sister Dashjav she is an amazing sister (she knows 5 languages and is super talented) and I'm excited for a new area. I will miss all the people I've come to know and love!

Had a miracle this week. As you know we've dropped all our investigators.  Well, we've been teaching a man that is working on coming back to church and he has a daughter that is not baptized yet. We had heard that he wasn't ready for her to be taught so we were just teaching them both (but for him). We called them a few days ago and asked if he wanted us to teach her so she could be baptized. His response "I thought that's what we were doing..." We had an investigator and we didn't even know it. Even though I won't get to keep teaching her I'll probably get to go to her baptism. She is a sweetheart and she loves to have us come by. Tender mercies all over the place.

We got to go to the stake Women's Conference "Filled with Joy", it was so good! Just another experience in which I think, "People don't get this anywhere else".  We had tried to get some formers to go but none showed up... they don't even know what they missed... The Lord truly has blessed me and I get to share it, not many people can say that!

Sister Parker and I have now officially been to "Outer Darkness"(out of the mission, specifically that other side of the 60 )... not on purpose though. We went to a fireside that the VC sisters were singing at and on the way home our driver got lost... it was fun for us and we got pictures.
"Outer Darkness"

Oh no!!! We are IN outer darkness!

Eating a Ned's Crazy Sub (one of the few places to eat in my current area)

More Ned's

And more Ned's

My watch tan line... isn't it sweet.
The Four Musketeers/Ninja Turtles (we all came out together)

 By the by, I love getting pictures of all of you!!!!! (Hint, Hint)
Miss you much, Love you More!!!
Love Sister Anderson

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