Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A week of Miracles

Dear MOM and DAD,

I don't remember if I told you about the Cinderella program they do at the Visitors' Center, but the last time I saw it, what a got most out of it was when we have hard times it is because the Lord is giving us a chance to increase our faith and make us worthy of the blessings coming our way. Well last week was AWFUL, I didn't know what I was suppose to be doing in my new area I didn't know anyone and I was missing the VC (of course)... well the end of  the week was full of miracles. Now I wish I had been better at enduring though the trial... but that is why we have repentance right? 

First we were able to have two lessons with a recently converted family that has gone less active and hasn't let anyone in since. But for some reason they opened the door to us, even though Sister Dashjav and Sister Burton (her previous companion) had tried several time before, and the dad actually opened up quit a bit yesterday and we had a really good lesson. 

So for about the last 6 months I've been praying to teach someone that actually wanted to learn and keep commitments (any RM's know what I'm talking about).  For  most people it's like pulling teeth to get them to read the Book of Mormon or come to church. I know that the Lord has prepared people and I have been wanting to teach someone like that for a while now, well the Lord answers prayers. We received a referral this last week from our Zone Leaders. A member had contacted them and said she had a friend that wanted to meet with the missionaries. So over we head (to her house that is) but no one was home, so we left a note and our number. GUESS WHAT??? She called back less than an hour later!!!! We scheduled a lesson for the next day. Her name is Serina and she has a thirteen year old named Keanna and a eleven year old named Micheal. She had know Mormons her whole life, she works with them and has been the recipient of much kindness from them. She loves that the  church has some much unity and family feel and that the people she's known have brought her to want to be a part of it all. (Members are better missionaries than we missionaries could ever be, even if it's just loving our non-member friends and neighbors because eventually their hearts are softened) We had an amazing lesson and then she came to church yesterday! We believe that she will set a baptismal date this week. What a blessing! 

Then, on top of our huge miracle this week, we received a referral last night from some Elders in our District. A couple came to their ward yesterday, but it turned out that they are in our area. We have a lesson with them tonight! We're SO excited!!!! 

It has been raining quit a bit this weekend, it rained all day yesterday, and now it's pretty chilly (that is chilly for Arizona) but I love it. I'd rather wear a jacket than sweat a ton any day. We also got snow on the mountain yesterday... crazy huh?

The orange trees are in blossom right now too. We live right in the middle of several orange grooves and they smell so good. Nothing like the actual oranges but still very good and I love rolling down our windows in the car and just breathing it all in. 

I'm surviving full-field... (just kidding, we are receiving so many blessings because of it) I do miss the VC but Easter Pageant is coming fast and then we will back at the VC every night because President Ellsworth wants all the Sisters to proselyte (no Elders) during the pageant. So that will be fun. 

Miss you much, Love you more.
Love Sister Anderson
Sister Anderson and Sister Dashjav

Snow in the mountains near Mesa

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