Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sick Again....

Dear MOM and DAD,
Well another week has gone by and I'm sick... go figure, the weather starts to warm up and my body freaks out. That will be number 4 time getting sick since I've been in Arizona.  I'm probably just not learning what I need to so the Lord tries to teach me again. 

We had a baptism this weekend, it went well and Lloyd's family is a huge support for him so he should be okay. 

We had a really good Lesson with Serina and her kids this week, they accepted a baptismal date for the 14th of April. YAY!! Serina was still a bit iffy about the date because she says that she knows "jack-Mormons" and she doesn't want to become one so she wants to be as ready as she can. But then the next day we got a text from her "sisters I wanted to thank you for for all your love and support, I want to get baptized the same time as my kids on the 14th, is that possible?"... HECK YES IT IS!!!! That's not what we said but we were that excited. Now the trick is teaching them everything they need to know before then. She works a lot and we will be busy almost every night with the Easter Pageant, but the Lord will provide a way if we are doing all we can. They are an amazing family and I feel so blessed to get to teach them. 

We were heart attacking maniacs this week (as you can see by the pictures). First we heart attacked Lloyd and his family and then we got a really sweet message from his mom later that night saying that was just what they needed at the end of an awful day. I love being a tool in the Lord's hands! Then the next day we heart attacked some less-active families, one of which NEVER answers the door, needless to say we weren't too worried about getting caught... think again, Bro Sherwood totally caught us... but it was a miracle because we set a appointment even if I feel yucky. 

I don't think I've told you much about the other Sisters we live with. Sister Orton from Utah and Sister Parker from Utah. They are awesome and I love having them around. They are CRAZY and it's funny to watch them, though I don't know where they get all their energy from... especially at the end of the day.

The Easter Pageant starts this week and I'm SOOO excited. We were leaving the VC 2 nights ago and they were practicing and even during the practice the Spirit was so strong. The Visitors' Center closes during the performance so we can go watch it if we want to, I'll get to see it 7 times if I want. 

There is probably more that happened this week but I really can't remember much (my head is in a fog). I love you all very much and I'm going to miss you more so this coming weekend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ryan this week (hope you got my card), I'm glad you found a new job mom you'll have to tell me how you like it and when you get a new calling. You know it's bound to come. 

One thing we've been praying for as a district is for the members to find investigators so that we can teach, or for us to find investigators  through the members. Your prayers would be wonderful (for that and my health).

Miss you much, Love you more! 

Love Sister Anderson

P.S. I don't mind getting e-mails from my sisters... =D

Sister Dashjav, Lloyd, Sister Anderson

I spilled water on my scriptures and they dried wrinkled so I was ironing them to make them flat again, they're good as new now... lol
Lloyd's Family

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  1. Hands down the best missionary I have met. Ps. This is Brother Tim Barber. We met at the dress rehearsal for the Easter pageant. Yes I looked you up online. Maybe Ill try to read these post...ha