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June 5,11,18,26, July 2

July 2, 2012

" I'm in love with a clown" Sister K

 Dear MOM and DAD, (and Paula, Randy, and Danielle)

Well my week has been pretty average, meaning nothing hugely miraculous but nothing hugely bad either and full of little miracles every day. It's almost like we have so many mini miracles that I don't even notice them all, I acknowledge they are miracles but it's almost normal. Which I think should be the normal for everyone. God is a God of miracles and He wants to bless our lives and make us happy, sometimes we just need to ask and then always be looking for the miracles. I think that is a huge part of why I see so many miracles now, I'm ALWAYS looking for them because I know they are there! What a blessing to have the knowledge I do of  a loving Heavenly Father who ultimate goal is my happiness, so I know when things are rough or a trial is not being eased it's is because what I will learn for it will make me much happier than having it taken away! (Perfect Brightness of Hope)

We had some really good meetings yesterday. We had asked a couple members to bare their testimony on missionary work this week and even though we weren't they the Bishop said that their were quite a few who bore theirs and that the whole t talks about faith to be healed and that doesn't always mean in a physical way. Healing is more the emotional and spiritual and curing is all physical. People can be physically cure and not healed and people can still have physical ailments and be fully heal though the atonement of Christ. I just loved that because I feel more often are we healed when we are not cured then are we cured and healed. It was a really neat lesson. And then Relief Society was all about miracles and was really good as well.

Serina is struggling being active so prayers on her behalf would be wonderful. We are meeting with Katie and Gabe this week so we're hoping it is a good lesson. Still working hard, talking to everyone, and laughing all the time. Sister K and I actually got in a fight this week but the cool part was we were able to work though it and not have left over feelings. It is amazing what humility, prayer, and the atonement can do. I'm so grateful for my companion and I love her so much. She has been a huge blessing of my mission! 

I guess that's all I got! 
Miss you Much, Love you More! 

Love Sister Anderson
2 Nephi 31:20

The pictures are for laughs and to prove we really do have fun! =D And we did our hair the same that day too (even though you can't see it)
This is more just cuz. I would love to get hand written mail (Including Paula... tell her I'm feeling unloved, it's been over a year since I've heard from her, meaning it was in person last time... But I still love her =D ) I also would love a letter from daddy... just so you know. Thought I'd throw that out there!


June 26, 2012

Saving souls on sticky note at a time!

 Dear MOM and DAD,

We found two new investigators this week, and we're really excited about both of them. Gabe is Katie boyfriend, Katie is a less-active in the ward. They are really cool people and we're excited to teach them. We had a great first lesson and just laid it all out there. Our purpose and expectation of why we were teaching him and he's willing to read and pray, so we're excited! The other is Rene' she is super familiar with the missionaries and loves talking to them but says she has a problem with the Book of Mormon "I live by the ten and that's all I need" but she committed herself to reading the first BOOK of Nephi and to open her heart and ask if she should read more, all before this coming Saturday. We are stoked to meet with her on Saturday. 

We're trying to work more with less-actives and actually have been getting into their homes, that in it's self is a huge blessing! 

So even though it was funny when people told my trainer that she was almost finished, when she had under 5 months left, I don't like it now. People tell me that all the time!!! And it's not even that I don't want to come home but I don't want to get trunkie and that does not help. So just a shout out on behalf of all missionaries, don't say stuff like that, but focus on what they are doing right now, when you talk with them. I know that's a huge help to me. 

We got to do a double session at the temple this last week with a couple other Zones. They were ASL sessions too, (meaning they had a separate screen with someone signing on it) so I got to watch the whole thing in sign language and I actually understood alot, thank you High School ASL! But it was really neat spending so much time in the temple. 

Well that's it for this week, we're still working had on finding people (even in 110 degrees) and the Lord is blessing us. 

Miss you much, Love you more! 

Love Sister Anderson

Thank you for the bubbles I love them
Sister K and I
Sister K took this because she says I'm always on the piano


June 18,2012

 Learning lots

Dear MOM and DAD,
Well it turns out our investigators really aren't that legit but that's okay because this week we receive 5 referral and we are pumped to contact them. We taught Brandon but he really just wants to hang out... we told him we don't hang out but that if he wanted the blessing Heavenly Father was waiting to give him we'd love to teach him, so we told him to pray about it and let us know at our next lesson. He hasn't confirmed the next lesson, it was suppose to be today... so we're thinking he's "not ready". But we were bold and planted some deep seeds, someday when missionaries find him again he'll remember that some missionaries taught him and he'll want to learn more and then get BAPTIZED! Do you like my positive attitude? I got that from Sister Parker when we were companions and Sister Parker trained Sister Kranendonk so we are both trying to have an attitude like her. I really have been blessed with my companions.
There are a lot of baptisms happening in my old area... well two that I knew before so I'll get to go to them. And Menilik's mom met the missionaries this last week (actually when Sister K was on exchanges in that area so it was neat she could be a part of all of it) and invited them for dinner on Sunday, she's not interested but I'm praying that her heart has softened enough that Menilik will feel okay taking the lessons before he goes up to school. That way Jason, the member who referred him could baptize him and I could come because it's in the mission. Pray for him, he is so prepare he just needs the courage to move forward.
Though there still isn't too much going on in the area right now were are seeing little miracles everyday, even if it's that the heat isn't getting to us too bad, and I'm learning so much. I feel the Lord is teaching me trust. I know that I trust Him with many things but there is always more I could give and I'm working really hard to give it all. I'm also being blessing with learning Charity.. meaning that some people are harder to love than others, but they are the ones who meed it the most. It will come. I've been thinking back to the me before my mission and I really am starting to see the changes I've made, I could put it down to anything specific (though I could yesterday, I just can't remember today... oh well) I do know I am a better person and more of the daughter Heavenly Father wants me to be, I've got plenty to go but I'm glad that the Lord is blessing me with some hind sight.
That's it for this week. Alma 38:5
Miss you much, Love you more! 
Love Sister Karmin LaNae Anderson 

PS  The yard looks GREAT and I love the wood post awning! I love our home!
Also Dad I've been giving toys to the senior couple for fathers/mothers day and they all say thank you, everyone loves them and I love giving them and bragging about my papa!

June 11.2012


MOM and DAD,

First thank you my incredible family for my fun package! I loved it! Dad everyone loves your toys and I love giving them. Sister Kranendonk has decided she want a bunch when she's older and has kids, I told her you would love to teach/help her make some, that my family loves to adopt new members.  
So the last few days Sister K and I have been SOOOOO warn out! Like dead tired, it was bad, laughing over the stupidest things and looking like we had only got an hour of sleep... but it was all good because we looked that way because we had been working HARD all week. We work really well together and neither one of us mind talking to people on the street because we both know that we are not going to have to do all the talking and that our companion will back us up and support everything we say. We have awesome unity with each other and the Spirit (or "we"nity as our Zone Leaders would call it) and it really has been the best transfer thus far! Definitely the most unity we've both had with any of our companions. 

Because we've gotten better at talking to everyone we got 2 new investigators last week, from talking and then praying with them. We not too sure how solid they are yet but we have return appointments this week. It's just nice to have people to teach and to feel like I'm giving my all. I'm pretty sure that I would be okay if Sister K was my companion the rest of my mission, she's awesome!!!! And we really do work hard in the work and to self improve. 

We got to do more service this week and that was GREAT! Things have slowed quit a bit at the Visitors' Center because it being summer and all but I still love being there and it is now a time to show the Lord that I can be busy and focused even when there aren't alot of people. 

I love hearing from you all and I hope all the fam is well. I'm so blessed to be in our family! 

Miss you much, Love you more! 

Love Sister Anderson

June 5, 2012

Working hard...or hardly working ?!

Dear MOM and DAD,
Well this week has been really good. We still don't have much to show for it, but we have been working really hard! We talk to everyone! (Even if that means pulling over a few block ahead and walking back, kind of creepy, but that's missionary work) We do service! We helped one of our ward mission leader plant some flowers, we helped a family move out of their home, and we helped a a sister in the ward with back problems clean her kitchen. You know me I love service!

Sister Kranendonk is a great missionary and I'm learning so much from her! We set some goals of what we want to get out of our transfer and we've been working hard on them. I feel like I've already learned so much in the transfer and it's only been a week. We teach very well together (meaning the spirit is the senior companion and we let him lead the lesson) and we are getting very bold as we testify to people on the street. It is going to be a great transfer. We've decided we want to be friends, have fun, work hard and be unified in the work, and so far we're doing pretty good!

We've been trying to do member lesson more so we can get to know the members and we had a couple last night. It really helps our teaching and reminds me why I'm hear (sometimes that is easy to forget when you aren't teaching any one).

The pictures are as follows:
1-Sister McKee (from Duchesne) and me before she finished her mission
2-Just like college... taking apart beds (we had to move our beds around the apartment because we had an extra sister)
3-My flower I planted from a seed 3 months ago
4-That's how tall it is now (up to my waist)
5-It has like 8 buds on the one plant and this was after the second had bloomed
6-Sister Kranendonk and I

More about Sister Kranendonk, she's 24 from Salt Lake City (by the airport), graduated at USU (that will make Dad happy) in Family and Consumer Development, she wants to be a counselor for families and children at hospitals. She's amazing and I love her!!!

Glad to hear about the fun of family reunion (we should come up with a clever name for it like The Anderson Family Annual Extravaganza, that might not work because every time we gather it's an Extravaganza!) Oh how I miss you all so much!!!!!! I have the best family in the world!

I guess that's it for now, get feeling better mom and tell dad not to work TOO hard. Loves and kisses to everyone! (I sent Joey a card if he didn't get it yesterday he should have gotten it today, but tell him Happy Birthday from me anyway!)

Miss you MUCH, Love you MORE!!!!

Love Sister Karmin LaNae Anderson

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