Monday, August 20, 2012

The Chicken is .... DEAD!

August 13, 2012

Dear MOM and DAD,

This week we've had 4 animals die... The members we live with have chickens so when they leave town they ask us to let them in and out of the pen morning and night and to make sure they have water, because when they left town last month one of them died. So we had been doing that faithfully but one night not all of them were in the pen when we went to lock it... well we found it a short time later DEAD... probably because it was sick and it was the first day it got to 115 degrees. But that was just one of the four... the day before we had found a dead gopher in the pool. He had fallen in and drowned because he couldn't get back out... we know this because he died in swimming position. Then the day after we found a dead bird on our lawn, from where I have no idea... and yesterday a bird flew into the window at the Visitors' Center and died from it... I'm convinced it's the second coming... just kidding but it's been pretty weird that's for sure.  

The Lord blessed us with two new investigators this week. Kyle and Tiffany aren't very religious but said we could come back and talk to them. They ended up canceling our appointment because of work and then again because they were sick, but then we stopped by this last week and they were both home and let us come in. We had a really good talk about God blessing their lives with the gospel and how if they did their part in finding out if it was true they would see the blessings. We also talked a little about temples and eternal marriage and they really liked that, so they said they would try it out. We're excited to teach them though I think it will be a struggle to set up lessons with them because they have crazy schedules. But we believe they are prepared and even though they don't think they are religious they are searching for something and I know we have it! 

We had Mission Tour today. Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis was the General Authority that spoke to us. It was really good, he was funny and spiritual, he uplifted us and called us to repentance. It was just really neat how he chastened us but never really "chastened" us. It was good I'm still processing it all but it was good. 

Sunday was a total "trunkie" day for both Sister K and I (mostly me though). We went to our YSA ward and it is a really good ward which makes me miss being in a YSA  ward, going to activities, having munch and mingles after church, and just being around people my age. (It's probably a good thing I'll probably be getting transferred next, there aren't any grantees but I'm pretty sure I'll be moved, I've been in this area 6 months almost) Then we went to visit a less-active member and while we were there her grandson (he's about 25) come over and said when she was finished that she could come over and watch Pride and Prejudiced with him (that's her favorite Sunday movie) and then they talked about going to breakfast the next morning.  It just made me miss spending time with my Grandma... and then I bragged about Grandma to one of the Senior Elders at the VC when I got on shift and that just made me miss her all the more. I was also talking about the memories I had from my youth and how I loved them and he told me to make sure I thank my mom and dad for giving me those memories. So THANK YOU Mom and Dad!  Well that was my "trunkie" day, but don't worry we got a lot done that day too. We had a member present lesson with Sadee (who by the way is doing awesome, she's read up to page 30 in the Book of Mormon just his last week, how cool is that?) and 2 less-active lessons and a bunch of member visits. 

Well I guess that's all I've got for you this week. Miss you much, Love you more! 

Love Sister Anderson

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