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August 7, 2012
 My week and other stuff
 Hey MOM, 

Sister Dyer was visiting this last week and she told me my blog hasn't been updated since April... and Kristy told me last month you aren't forwarding my emails anymore... I can send them to Kristy if you want her to post and forward them, I understand you are busy so it wouldn't be a problem for me to just send my emails to Kristy too, you'd just have to give her my blog password (because I don't remember it) so she could post them... or maybe even Kember because Kristy it pretty busy as well. And has my box made it home from Richfield yet? Just curious. 

This last week was pretty hard, you know how I let my emotions get the best of me, but the last few days have been good so I know I'll be okay. It's just hard to let something go that I've wanted my whole life, but I feel like we all get to the point where God wants us to give it ALL and I never could before, I never had the choice. Heavenly Father is just giving me a chance now to show Him who's most important to me. And you know me I'm all about doing what He wants me to and then eventually I see that His way was best and I'm glad I followed. 

We have a new investigator in the HighGroves YSA ward. Her name is Sadee and she's been around members her whole life and knew they all had something and that it was something she should have but never knew what it was, so she's been coming to church for 4 weeks with her best friend. We asked her how she felt after our first lesson (in which we talked about baptism) and her response was "I'm a fan!" We are excited about teaching her.  She lives right outside of the ward though so we are still trying to decide what to do about that. 

We've had lots of little miracles this week too (I feel like some are in part because of the decision I made last week and that Heavenly Father is saying now I can show you real missionary work). the best one is we have a potential we've been trying to contact in the Avalon ward but have had not luck in doing so, he's YSA age so we've been thinking it would be good to get the YSA's involved. Well we had dinner with some girls from the YSA ward last night and they had a recent convert and non-member friend over to eat with us. About half way though the dinner Sister K leans over and whispers "Do you know who that is?" So I look back at Errick (that's his name) and of course I don't recognize him (because we've never seen him). She then said "That's Errick Daniels!" (the potential we've been trying to contact) She'd figured it out after hearing some other names mentioned during dinner. He still doesn't know we've been trying to contact him but we are sure it was a blessing that we hadn't met him yet because we were going to meet him then and now we know he has fellowship in the YSA ward and we know who we need to talk to about best inviting him to take the lesson. 

That's probably the most exciting news on my end. But I've definitely felt your prayer this week and I might add that you pray for me to hold strong to the end, you know how I get when finishing things, to the point I just want to be done, and that will make for a long last transfer if I get that way. Anyway I'm excited for your letter and I'm praying for your finals, you'll do awesome! You're super smart! I love you! 

Miss you much, Love you more! 

Love Sister Anderson

P.S. Tell Lauren congrats and the rest of my Siblings (except Ryan, he still writes me every week and has been my salvation for it) to write me. In the last almost two months I've only received 5 or 6 letters that weren't from Ryan I'm feeling a little forgotten... (that sounded more down that I actually feel, but it still bums me out) =0D

And that challenge applies to you and dad as well (and the rest of the family) If I have time to do it as a missionary I know you all can find time to do it (yes I get study time but that is spent studying for others) Just saying. I love you!!!! And send more pictures... WOW this is a really demanding letter, sorry everything of course is a request. =0D
July 24, 2012
 Awkward week!!!
Dear MOM and DAD, 

Well one word to describe my week...... AWKWARD!  I don't think I could even begin to tell you about all the awkwardness of this week, but just know we had many awkward moments. 
Maybe I'll try to expound on that.
AWKWARD moments: 
  1. We were making phone calls in our car and a lady came out to see if we needed anything because she thought we were creeping...
  2. Crazy lady giving us a bunch of her cloths, because we did service (I don't feel it appropriate to tell you more at this time, maybe someday...)
  3. Going in the outs in gated communities
  4. Not really knowing what to say when people answer the door
  5. A less-active inviting us in and not inviting us to sit down and then ignoring us...
So those were just a few I could remember.
Jeff doesn't actually live in our area, so we transitioned him to his ward, so we didn't have a baptism this week. We have alot of people in our wards that come and aren't members but they don't actually live in the ward boundaries, so we'll be teaching alot of first lessons and then transitioning them to the correct ward. But I know the Lord will bless us if we are diligent. 

We had another hubbub this week and it rained like crazy again. I actually got pictures as the storm was coming in, so cool. All week is has been cloudy and it has been really cool to see them change and move. It just reminds me we have a loving Heavenly Father every time I see the beauty of nature. 

We did get a new investigator this week, he's been living with his less-active girlfriend for 19 years and she wants to be active in the church but they are struggling to set a marriage date. He committed to pray to know if God was real and we have hope that he has real potential. Serina is doing better than we knew, bishop said he had a good chat with her and she's still going strong she just has alot on her plate that she is dealing with. I feel so much better knowing that she still has a testimony. Thank you for you prayers on her behalf. 

I met a little girl named Carmen this week (picture included) 

Well that's my week. Send more pictures I love seeing you! 

Miss you much, Love you more! 

Love Sister Anderson
 We ate at a members home this week who went to Bountiful High School and she pulled out her '88 and '89 year books and look who I found! I thought it was awesome. She even remembers having him. She didn't remember the class just that she had him as a teacher and she liked him and thought he was funny! 

July 16, 2012
What a week!
Dear MOM and DAD,
Thank you for my cute package, I have the wind chimes hung up and everything and the stamps were greatly needed, you're the best!
I don't have a ton of time today but I'm sending you a hand written letter this week. We got two new wards, Avalon and HighGroves YSA, I may have never trained but this is my second time whitewashing... I'm so excited to be in a YSA ward again, they are so alive and full of activity. We had a lesson with a guy who's been coming for 4 week, last night. He set a baptismal date for next Saturday. He is so prepared.  
It rained like crazy on Friday, like total down pour. I've NEVER seen it rain so much and then in 2 hours it was gone. The picutes were taken at 3:30 when it started to rain (we were walking because it was cooler) then 30 mins later, I was pouring water out or my shoe... that's how much rain there was, then 1 hour later the skys cleared. So crazy! The other picture was from the Fourth, Sister Marrott and I were "The Stars and Strips".
Did you ever get the box from Richfield? I think it was the one that had a box and a Book of Mormon Timeline and then it had Pickled Catus just for you two (because you like all things pickled) so I hope you've got it, and it has my letters from people in it. Just let me know!
Well I get you a letter in the mail today, but that's it for now!
Miss you Much, Love you more!!
Ether 12:27
Love Sister Anderson


July 9, 2012

 Transfer news...kind of...

Dear MOM and DAD, 

President Ellsworth is trying something new this transfer, he's letting us know if we are getting transferred but not where. It's to avoid transfer gossip. But none of that really applies to me because Sister K and I are staying together. We may be getting two extra wards but we still aren't sure about that yet. We're excited to work hard this transfer and we've already set some new transfer goals that we want to work on. Basically we want to be more self less and focused on others, it's is going to be great! 

We got to do some secret service this week and it was AWESOME!!! We raked the yard and pulled the weeds of some returning members in our ward. 

We've been working with some more less-actives but we're going to be refocusing on the part member families. Sister Hansen always use to say we are here to complete eternal families. Make me glad mine is complete and active! 

I actually have a headache so this letter will be short this week. But I want to you know I love you all and I'm grateful for you everyday! 

Miss you Much, Love you More! 

Love Sister Anderson

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