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Emails, May 8,15,21,28

May 28,2012
Transfer Time Again
 Dear MOM and DAD, 

Now that my "UN" talent has been read I'm expecting some pretty awesome mail from ALL my siblings! ;-) I'm super excited to plan next years!!!! What did everyone else do for their "UN" talents? What was the best white elephant? Did anyone break a trophy this year? Oh man I miss our family, but we'll make up for it next year!!!! 

So transfer news is in. Sister Dashjav is leaving and Sister Kranendonk is coming to me. She's from Utah... sad to say but I don't remember where exactly. But I'm so excited! I loved having Sister Dashjav and we've had a blast together. I actually prayed to be Sister Kranendonk's companion at some point on my mission, the Lord really does answer my prayers. 

This weekend was so beautiful it was in the 80's all weekend. We talked to lots of people... no one accepted. But we did contact a less-active family we had been trying to see and they came to church yesterday. We have a bunch of service lined up for the week so I'm excited about that. And we're singing at the fireside on Sunday. 

Menilik is doing great! He hasn't decided to tell his mom yet but he does know it's true and wants to be baptized after he's learned more. I'm just praying he gets baptized here, it's in our mission so I could come if he did. If not I know he'll get baptized this year if not here than at school and in the long run it doesn't really matter where people get baptized just that they do, right? 

Nothing else too exciting, just trying to work hard and then hope the Lord blesses us with people to teach. 
So if you wonder what sorts of things we do on chat I copied an interesting conversation we had with a man yesterday for Nigeria, that we had on chat. Now not all our conversations are like this but we do have some pretty interesting chats with people. People are not afraid to talk about anything when they know that you can't see them... Anyway I hope you enjoy! We were sure laughing hard! =D 
A missionary will be with you shortly.
Please continue to hold for the next available missionary.
SEEKER HENRY: Please i need to talk to someone right now 
We apologize for the delay.
You may continue to hold or email us at
SEEKER HENRY: Please this is becoming unbearable...i need to talk to someone right nw and i really mean it
SEEKER HENRY: Please this is becoming unbearable...i need to talk to someone right nw and i really mean it 
You will be connected to the next available missionary.
Agent [Karmin] has joined the chat privately.
Agent [Karmin] has joined the chat publicly.
Dashmaa: hello
Me: Hello
Me: How can we help you?
SEEKER HENRY:  how are you doing
SEEKER HENRY: Am here for love
SEEKER HENRY: i was told in your church you are trusworthy and faithful that is why i came online in order to chat with you and have sincere girl to marry
Me: That is not our purpose as missionaries, we would like to answer any questions but anything else is not okay
SEEKER HENRY: Pls Mr Karmin...i understand what you mean but if am your younger brother i knw you will never let me marry someones wife
Me: Well I'm a sister missionary
Me: but that's still not our purpose
Me: ...
SEEKER HENRY: Pls sister
SEEKER HENRY: can i know you more or if you have facebook accout so that we can chat.....i love so happy chatting with you
Dashmaa: we are representatives or Lord Jesus Christ
Dashmaa: we would like to share with you His gospel
SEEKER HENRY: Yes i dont want you to get me wrong
SEEKER HENRY: accpted.....the bible said man should not live by bread alone.....
SEEKER HENRY: i need a bone of my bone...i mean a faithful and sincere girl to stay with for ever
Me: I'm going to end this chat now due to your inappropriate comments. Feel free to come back when you have questions about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 
Dashmaa: The Family: A Proclamation to the World  (that was a link)

Well that's all folk! Miss you much Love you More!!!! 
Alma 26:11-12
Love Sister "Karmy" Anderson

May 21, 2012

Not Much To Tell
Dear MOM and DAD, 

Well this week we have work really hard, it's always good to feel like you've worked hard. What working hard consists of is; Visiting members and setting up member lesson (mostly for this coming week), knocking on lots of less-active members doors and no one answering, talking to lots of people on the street and no one wanting to learn more, delivering Mothers Day chocolate bars to less-active sisters (which most of them opened the door then...),and sweating a lot. Hence the nothing much to tell... but it is all good! The Lord knows His work and we just have to work hard and He will provide and if not then we get to learn something. I am a little sad we don't have a lot of work but I really do trust the Lord knows what he's doing. 

We dropped Sarka after we had an amazing lesson. She like to talk religion but doesn't want to be happier and isn't looking to believe anything we teach, she just likes to learn about what other people believe. (Like Jill from my greenie area) But the good thing about all of this was that I've never prayed so much before and during a lesson as I did in that lesson and we were able to ask good inspired questions and follow the spirit as we taught her" not a lesson. So we learned how to better teach together and that is always good as a missionary.

We got to sing at the Spanish Fireside last night, I didn't understand most of what was said but I could pick up a word here and there and it was fun to sing in Spanish. The Visitors' Center choir has been such a blessing and I love singing in a choir again. 

Happy Birthday Kember Lue Who!!!!! 

Well that all for now, I'm sending a letter out today that I think you'll really like. Take lots of pictures of Family Reunion for me! 
Love Sister Anderson
Miss you much, Love you more! 
PS   Tell Grandma Cope 

Happy Birthday!!!!!!! 

for me!
Another  Week
May 15,  2012

2012Dear MOM and DAD,
This week we had Zone Conference. It was really good, inspired me to be better. We are now going to offer to pray with people, because I guess in the Christian world it's normal to pray with people, so when we meet people and they don't seem to interested in what we are teaching then we can offer to pray for blessings on them and their homes and it gives them a chance to feel the spirit and it softens their heart. We haven't had a chance to ask many people and the ones we have asked weren't to interested in it but it came from our mission President so it's inspired and I'm sure we'll see miracles. 

We got a new investigator this week. Her name is Sarka and she's from the Czech Republic. She was a former, she says she doesn't believe in God but she is willing to discuss it and pray. We think it will have to be a lot of inspired questions and praying for her. We have a lesson so we'll see how that goes. =D

The weather is warming up so you should all be grateful for your 75 degree weather. We've pulled out the sunscreen and are ever grateful for our car! 

Sister Orton got a new companion this week her name it Sister Taylor from Bountiful and she is awesome. I was nothing like the missionaries that come out now, I was timid and avoided talking with people and she is a go get 'er. It cool to see. 

Got a wedding announcement from April this week, she's getting married on June 9th. That's exciting for her, you should go to her reception for me. 

It was good to see everyone, of course my babies are getting too big and need to stop growing! And it was exciting to hear about your missionary work at home! Keep it up! 

Mom could you send me some prevacid, i'm also down to a couple weeks on my meds, and the name of the microwave veggie steamer, or brand, is Lekue. 

Well that's it... sad I didn't hear from anyone today = ( But as always, 

Miss you much, Love you more! 

Love Sister Anderson

May 8,2012
Dear MOM and DAD, 
Well we went to the Phx Zoo followed by Steve's Krazy Subs for Zone activity so I'm drained from being in the sun but I'l try to make this email exciting... maybe! 

Yes I did get your email, I'll figure out who's house we'll do it at and I'll give them your information so they can call you and it will be sometime between 6-7. 
Since we baptized our only investigators we are now looking for people to teach and haven't found any yet, but I can feel something coming, the advisory is working really hard on our entire mission so I just know something awesome is coming. 

Sister Parker (one of our roommate sisters) went home this week, she's had a headache for the last two months and they finally decided she need to go home and get better. She plans on coming back so we're praying for her. We are now in a temporary trio, but Sister Orton just goes with random sister while we are at the Visitors' Center.

I do want to give a shout out to all the "moms" in my life (because I can't afford to send you all cards) Mom, Grandma Kelley, Grandma Cope, Kristy, Misty, Kelsha, Kember (being an aunt counts too), Paula, All my aunts (to avoid missing anyone), Mission moms; Sister Birch, Sister Shelley, and anyone else that is a mother and has an impact on my life! 

There is a line in a song that sums up the way I feel about you all "I know I'm who I am today because I knew you!" 
Moms are angels without wing, and my mom is the best (sorry I'm bias)

Miss you Much Love you More (sorry it's not longer, i'll try to have something awesome for you next week) 

Love Sister Anderson (I'll see you on Sunday)
Sorry there were picture but it won't send with them

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