Monday, August 27, 2012

Crazy all around!

Dear MOM and DAD,

Sounds like life is crazy at the Anderson Home! But I wouldn't have it any other way. My week has been crazy and frustrating but I'm good. It's just a new area with 5 new wards and a ton of new investigators and I'm not remembering much but I know it will come and I seem to be settling faster than I have previously. Sister Shurtz is amazing and I love being her companion. I really have been blessed with the companions I've had, even the ones I didn't get along with, I've learned so much from each and every one. Sister Dyer taught me to work hard! Sister Everette taught me to expect and look for miracles! Sister Stephens taught me the Lord will provide! (Jehovah Jirah) Sister Parker taught me to laugh and let go! (to be more myself) Sister Dashjav taught me to love people and not to stress so much! Sister Kranendonk taught me to work hard and laugh (I've never laughed so much with a companion) and to always lift people up! And I know I'll learn even more for Sister Shurtz, already I've learned to make prayer more important and not just to rush off after I pray.

I'll write you more about the area next week when I have more of my thoughts put in place. It is an awesome area and I love the people I've met thus far. I'm still struggling being in the passengers seat all the time and my car sickness doesn't help much but I'm working on letting the Lord take care of me. I'm almost out of my meds and I'll need more immunobuild, I've been taking two a day again because I've been fighting a cold for about a month. I'll only need one more bottle and some echinacea would be good as well. I'm still looking forward to your letter about writing dad on his mission.

I think you are right about the 0-5 year olds, I love babies and that would open my options of what I could do with my degree.

I put a link to a "I'm a Mormon" I watched this week and thought of dad when I did. I think he could relate.

Well that's it for now, thank you for all you do. I never really thought I could love and appreciate you and our family more than I did but everyday I meet more people I do. Even good families have wayward children and other problems, but I know now that our family really is unique. Maybe it's cause we grew up in a small town and your the best parents ever, I don't know but I'm glad for whatever it was.

Miss you much, Love you more!

Love Sister Anderson

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